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Push buttons are commonly used in electrical devices and installations. Thanks to them it is possible to start up, turn them off, set their operating parameters, make changes in operation and manage their operation. They are used in everyday life, e.g. at home when the doorbell rings, at work when controlled by machines or even on the bus when you want to open the door. There are also buttons designed for specialized, advanced projects concerning medical industry. They are essential equipment of the machine control panels, where efficiency and ease of use as well as work efficiency depends to a significant extent on them. We offer a wide range of switches with On-Off and On-On buttons. You can choose between bistable and monostable switches, in different sizes, shapes and colors. They also differ in voltage supply. Thanks to the variety of models you can precisely adjust the button switches to your design and your own preferences. 


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Products by page

Products by page

Push-button switches in various options

Botland store focuses on maximum freedom of choice of products, which are ultimately to meet the greatest expectations of our customers. We help in the implementation of the most ambitious projects, which forces us to build an offer with a great variety of designs. In case of push-button switches you can choose from many different options. Among them are small and large buttons, as well as dedicated for joysticks and keyboard. The offer includes On-Off and On-On button switches, which are basic and necessary in every electrical appliance project, simple and complex installation. The switches are also of different sizes, so they are always visually tailored to the specific project. They come in many shapes, which is important not only for the visual effect, but also for comfort and convenience of use. Square, round, flat and convex buttons can effectively improve the quality of operation of a given device. It is worth paying attention not only to the traditional buttons, but also with backlighting. This is a benefit that definitely improves the operation of the equipment, allowing you to use it in more difficult conditions, with limited light. 

We still need to consider the differences between the switch and the button, which are concepts that we often use interchangeable. However, these are completely separate systems, differing in their mode of operation but also in their purpose. Work based on changing the position of the contacts and activated by pressing is characteristic for switches, an example of which is the light switch. If a mechanism works only when it is pressed and its operation stops when the hands stop directly contacting the element activating the system, we are dealing with a button, such as a doorbell. In our offer you will find switches with buttons, i.e. multifunctional components with an advanced mechanism of work. 

Button types. Choose the best one for your project! 

They differ not only in shape, size and color, but also in additional functions such as backlighting. In addition, the buttons can be divided based on the differences in their operation and mechanism of work. You can choose between monostable buttons, changing their state as a result of an external factor. When it no longer affects it, the button returns to its original state. An alternative to them are the bistable buttons, which also work due to external factors, but when they stop, they do not change their current state. Depending on the specifics of the project and the type and purpose of the system or electrical device in the Botland store you can choose both monostable and bistable buttons. We offer buttons in both variants, so we can help you with any project. 

Feel free to check out our offer of switches with buttons. In the store single switches and multi-element sets.