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Switches with a button - welcome to the category where you will find switches with the button " On-Off, On-On. Every day we do not pay attention to the surrounding buttons, but would like to look them around us a lot. From the main buttons, such as the doorbell or the button of the floor in the Elevator, after a specialized in medical equipment and control panels of machines. In our online shop we have prepared carefully selected range at affordable prices. Choose the suitable for Your project.


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Products by page

A wide selection of buttons

In our online store Botland you will find a wide selection of various buttons. From joysticks after the keyboard and switches of all kinds, after duuuże button. All of these elements you will find on the website of our store. The section switches button we have collected the switch type On-Off On-On. In addition, we offer these in various shapes and sizes. Buttons can be square, round or flat. Foot or traditional, with or without backlight. The choice is yours.

Electrical switch and the Button - a Slight difference in the name

I say the current buttons and switch work interchangeably, but the technical language is different layouts. A simple example on the imagination call and light switch. The switch is a toggle, works by changing the position of the contacts (by pressing). To disable the need to use it again. Ringtone button. Works as long as you hit him. After using returns to its original position. Sometimes the buttons are referred to as temporary or pulsed, because when you contacts close and then open.

Button monostable and bistable – what is it?

Types of buttons can be split because of work. Guided by such discernment, we must distinguish between the monostable and bistable switches. Button monostable mode is one which changes its state under the influence of external and after returns to the previous state. The bistable switch is one which changes its state under the influence of external and after its dissolution remains in an altered state. In our store in the section switches button available both types of switches.