Beacons LED

The LED beacons are used in situations where security is required to use warning lights. Check because the elements of automatics of the gate, the sirens mounted on vehicles or for light signaling in plants. The lights LED has a low current consumption and a long service life and relatively small dimensions and weight. In this category are also available combined optical-audio is designed for use in systems with protection against burglary and fire.


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Beacons LED to choose a model for yourself

The lights can be used in places where it warns you with the light necessary to ensure safety, among other things, on the gates and other moving objects, vehicles, favored, as well as in factories and workshops. Depending on the method of application in the system, the alarm device can be started manually at the right time or activated automatically (e.g., after the detection of the relevant parameters using sensors, after starting the machine, when opening a gate, etc.). We offer sirens LED strobe (frequency of 100 or 500 per minute), and glowing red light, and signal optical effects.

The advantages of LED technology

Sirens light, based on the use of LEDs, they are economical and very durable to keep work need little power, and their lifespan is up to 100,000 hours of use. Our proposed models are attractive from the point of view of price, easy to install (installation with screws or mounting on the magnet) and is ready for use immediately after installation.

Pick up the product to use

When you select the desired color mode (constant light/strobe) must match the model suitable for a specific application. The most important indicators will be the requirements to power supply (230 V, 12 V or 24 V, AC or DC) and method of installation (screws, magnet). For example, in the case of installation on a vehicle, it is more convenient to use the indicator LED is installed with a magnet and is compatible with automotive power supply (12 V or 24 V DC depending on the car). For installation on movable elements such as gates, good mounting with screws. It is worth remembering that the device is designed to supply a constant current, require the necessary power and cannot be connected directly to the network. A model with lights and sound perfect as part of a signaling and warning system in which the use of optical warning can be enough (e.g. fire extinguishing systems).