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LED strobe optical beacons are an inseparable element of service vehicles such as the military, police, fire brigade or ambulance. However, this is not their only application. Such signalling devices are also a very important element used in alarm systems. The design of LED warning lamps is designed to meet all the most stringent requirements for visibility and reliability. LED warning lights are also used in factories and other industrial facilities, as well as building components for anti-theft and fire protection systems. LED warning beacons offered by the Botland store allow the emission of light in different lighting modes with adjustable frequency and other additional advantages are small dimensions, lightweight design, excellent visibility and low power consumption. The LED warning lights offered by us can be successfully used as an element of automatic gates equipment, as well as an additional element that enlivening the toys. Please check out the details of our wide offer at the Botland Store!


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LED beacons - universal and effective in use!

One of the most important applications of LED warning lights is visual warning signalling to ensure the safety of bystanders. LED warning lights are usually installed in electric gates, movable components of special vehicles (e.g. lifts), as well as in vehicles of military and emergency services. According to the mounting method and technical specification of the apparatus cooperating with sirens, the user can enter his own siren activation settings in terms of the type of triggering (manual or automatic under the influence of a signal, e.g. from fire detectors), as well as the frequency of flickering light. The Botland store offers strobe beacons that allow flickering with a frequency of approx. 1.66 Hz to approx. 8.33 Hz, as well as LED indicators with a built-in acoustic signal generator. Such signalling devices have a very stable construction and long service life, thanks to which they can function flawlessly even for over 100 thousand working hours. The signalling devices are mounted with screws or without tools - thanks to the built-in magnet.

What should you consider when buying a LED beacon?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the LED warning beacon model. The first is the colour of the LED warning beacon, and the second is its operating mode, i.e. whether the LED beacon lights up steady or pulsing. LED beacons power supply, depending on the model, can be DC 12V or 24V, as well as AC 230V. Mounting LED beacons can be bolted or tool-free - magnetized. A magnet signalling device powered by a 12V or 24V DC voltage will be the best choice for a car. Power supply requirements are very important because LED beacons requiring DC power cannot be powered directly from 230VAC. In this case, use a power supply with 12V or 24V output voltage, depending on the LED beacon model. LED warning lights with a built-in sound generator can be used in fire protection systems. Then, if we combine the beacon with the fire detector, if smoke is detected, an acoustic alarm will also be triggered.