Micro:bit: Tile development based on a 32-bit processor produced bi-bi-si in order to attract children to programming and the creation of new projects.


  • Micro:bit - main boards and kits Micro:bit - main boards and kits

    Micro:bit is a small, programmable tiles, designed to make learning and teaching easy and pleasant. Allows users to read the introduction and application of ideas to digital games, projects, and robotics.

  • Micro: bit - extensions Micro: bit - extensions

    Educational kits Micro:bit you can extend the following modules: motor drivers, LCD displays, modules; modules with buttons, etc. expansion cards allow you to connect additional devices, allowing the study of coding can be even more interesting!

  • Micro: bit - accessories Micro: bit - accessories

    Housing that allows to protect the tile Micro:bit from unwanted damage. Connectors facilitate attachment of wires to circuit Board Micro:bit. These simple accessories can greatly facilitate the work sets Micro:bit.

  • Micro:bit - power supply Micro:bit - power supply

    Products designed and adapted for tile Micro:Bit and Raspberry Pi. The power supply of the maximum power load of 2.5 A, equipped with a microUSB connector. A range of different colors that will pick up the adapter for Your project.

Products by page

Products by page

Work with the chips difficult?

Often things seem complicated, difficult or even impossible to perform, is based on the basic parts and simple ideas to guarantee success are, in particular, the situation with projects and designs, electronic, and functional. If you want to explore the world of robotics, the kits Micro:bit company of bi-BI-si, will be a great choice.

As the official distributor of the Micro:bit we have educational kitsthat can be configured for both the skills and experience of people just starting their adventure with the construction and the design of electronic circuits. For more demanding customers that have specific goals, plans and projects, we can offer ready-made modules, for example, using a bandage on the wrist that facilitates mounting of all parts smartwatchów.

Micro:bit for fun and adult designers

No need to hide the fact that younger students prefer to create their own toys or accessories that will serve them for the game. In our offer you will find both modules in the construction of meteorological stations, simple robots, and pads for the players.

Because of this, everyone will choose something for themselves, regardless of the expectations, the severity and, above all, age. We advise you ancient education, robotics, automation and creation of innovative projects based on advanced modules and electronic circuits. Drones are becoming more and more functional robots wyręczają us more and more responsibilities, and most people can not imagine life without automatic gates, coffee machines etc.

From our side you can count on the best range of products, manufactured by well-known manufacturers that have the most positive reviews from users.