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In the category of" bi-bi-si Microbit we offer a wide selection of sets with the plates deviations Micro:bit, and also independently acquired modules , as well as appropriate accessories. Miniature computers, Micro:bit was created by bi-bi-si to promote the engineering Sciences among children and adolescents. Easy maintenance, low price and great features - these are the characteristics by which the device may be of interest to many young users - among other things, future students, students and engineers in robotics, electronics or computer science.


  • Micro:bit modules and kits Micro:bit modules and kits

    In this section you will find the products of the company bi-bi-si Microbit - Modules and sets. Module Micro:bit is a small device, often referred to as minikomputerami or mikrokomputerami. The product has a built-in microprocessor of an excellent aspect ratio for the features...

  • Micro:bit - extension Micro:bit - extension

    In this section we offer You the extension for tile development Micro:bit. We have a wide choice of various accessories, through which the modules Micro:bit will become more functional. It is as practical application for everyday use (for example, an armband or extension of...

  • Micro:bit - enclosures and accessories Micro:bit - enclosures and accessories

    In the category of “Microbit Housing and accessories” you will find the useful body for the whole tile Micro:bit and socket special socket, which can receive up to 40 pins. We have many kinds of types of elements by which you can easily solder a stable connection Your tile...

  • Micro:bit - food Micro:bit - food

    In our offer in the category of “Microbit - Power” you will find a large assortment of power supplies having respective power parameters for Your tile development Micro:bit. To buy a reliable power source, it is very important not to damage the tiles - choosing suitable power...

Products by page

Products by page

Bi-bi-si Microbit - miniature computers - Tile and designs, modules, accessories

Micro:bit is a device that will interest everyone and at any age. In the modern world knowledge and skills in the field of electronics is very much appreciated, so you should try your hand in this area, or to provide for a development in this direction to their children. In this section you will find as a stand alone unit Micro:bitand finished kits, thanks to which you will be able to use the opportunity provided by the equipment, and extend them on their own. And if you have already purchased tile, you can use the in this category accessories kits designed for minicomputers bi-bi-si Microbit.

Microbit - the Extension of the hull, superstructure and opportunities

If you want to use projects that have already been created on the basis of Micro:bit will be of interest to You subcategory “Micro:bit extension”. There you will find the modules included with Your tile of the weather station, game console or smartwatchaas adapters with which you will be able to quickly and easily connect a Micro:bit for tile contact to prototypować your ideas and finished projects. Thanks to these solutions, you don't even need to have the skills and knowledge of soldering. However, if you want to use the tile Micro:bit as part of your project, in the category “Micro:bit - enclosures and accessories” you will find a special socket for plates that have 40 pins, ready for surface mounting to Your printed circuit Board PCB. There you will find also a specially designed case, you can protect the device from excessive buildup of dust and other deposits on the tracks of electronic and to protect them from the negative consequences of falls. We also have a large selection of power packs microUSB (input current: AC 100 to 240V / 50 to 60Hz, output current: DC 5,1 V 2.5 A).