Uninterruptible power supply UPS

The store Botland, you will find uninterruptible power supplies UPS and voltage stabilizers and extremely useful batteries do not require maintenance. Our products are characterized by different technical parameters and application, so the choice specific of them is not a problem. The devices are available in this category are distinguished by their high quality, broad functionality and a long service life even under intensive use. We provide models of known firms with years of experience in the industry.

Uninterruptible power supply UPS

Our range includes power supply units, characterized by very short switching time ranging from 2 to 6 milliseconds. In addition, through the use of a number of security, such as protection against overvoltage against restarting, and last but not least, protection against deep discharge of the battery, you have a guarantee that the uninterruptible power supplies UPS, available in our offer stand out trouble-free operation in almost any conditions. Moreover, the compact size, combined with relatively low weight ensure full portability of the device. In this category you will also find the power supplies are equipped with 3-stage charging algorithm and protection from polarity. This type of equipment requires no maintenance and can operate even in subzero temperatures.

A wide range of voltage stabilizers

This type of device is designed for fully automatic voltage stabilization. Stabilizers are used in particular for aggregates prądotwórczymi, thank you providing a sine wave of nominal voltage. The equipment is characterized by low weight, so can be used even in difficult conditions. A number of the security, including protection against overheating ensures a stable device operation even in case of intensive use. Voltage stabilizers available in this category, have different power, so that everyone can pick up a specific model for your needs.

The batteries are maintenance-free

Devices of this type are fully bezwyciekowe and they can be repeatedly recharged without risk of damage. Long service life of 10 years, combined with a stable work almost in any environment doing maintenance-free batteries are becoming more popular. Despite the large capacity, our products are compact in size. In addition, the case is made of ABS plastic, is characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage. Our batteries can work effectively in any position without risk of damage. Can serve, in particular, to power the pumps, all types of mobile devices and other equipment.