Uninterruptible power supply UPS

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has been a standard component of electronic devices for over 20 years, in which the reliability of uninterrupted operation is one of the most important factors of critical importance. The range of UPS output power includes powering PC computers, medical devices, servers, telecommunications devices, industrial automation, and ICT systems. The offer of the Botland store includes UPS, automatic voltage stabilization systems (AVR), as well as maintenance-free batteries with large capacities and current efficiency. Products available in this category are characterized by very good quality, wide functionality, and long service life, which guarantees trouble-free and long-term operation. UPS and batteries differ in terms of technical parameters and range of applications. By choosing a UPS with the appropriate output rating and a battery with the appropriate capacity, you can build a properly selected guaranteed power supply system according to your requirements.

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

A UPS is an electrical device that acts as an intermediary between the 230V / 400V electricity network and electricity receivers - e.g. computers and servers. The UPS is connected to a battery or battery pack and the utility power. The battery is most often recharged in normal operation with mains supply - it is the buffer operation mode. One of the most important tasks of the UPS is to ensure continuity of operation in the event of a power outage, and also when the mains power is restored. The backup time depends on the capacity of the backup battery and the power consumption of all devices connected to the UPS. If you choose a UPS with a power slightly higher than the power rating of your computer and other devices, the backup time will be very short, especially when we lose power during an increased load on the CPU, GPU and RAM memory.

The main task of the UPS is to guarantee the time to safely shut down the most important components of the computer system, which prevents data loss or even corruption. Most manufacturers ensure that the UPS will run at full load for 10 minutes. We offer UPS units with very short switching times, ranging from 2 to 6 ms. Adequate protection systems, such as short-circuit and overcurrent protection, battery overload protection, as well as over-discharge protection, are the most important advantages that ensure that UPS units operate reliably, even when supplying high-power loads. Besides, the small dimensions of the housing and very low weight ensure full mobility of the device. We also offer UPS with a 3-step charging algorithm and protection against battery connection with reverse voltage polarity. Such power supplies are maintenance-free and can work even in the negative temperature range.

AVR - automatic voltage regulation systems

AVR systems are devices designed for automatic stabilization of the supply voltage parameters. Stabilizers are used, among others to work with gasoline power generators, in which due to fluctuations in the speed of the combustion engine, real-time correction of the output voltage waveform is required. AVR regulators are very light and can be used even in places with limited space. Built-in protection systems, including overheating protection, guarantee stable and reliable operation of the device even in the event of prolonged work under load. AVR voltage stabilizers available in this category are diverse in terms of output power, so you can adjust a specific model to your needs. We also offer maintenance-free VRLA AGM batteries that can operate in any position without the risk of electrolyte leakage. The service life of such a battery is up to 10 years, and its small dimensions are an additional advantage. AGM batteries are a more reliable and environmentally friendly solution compared to classic lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte and are more resistant to mechanical damage and perfectly fulfil the task as a voltage source for portable electrical devices.