Onion IoT boards

Technology is constantly evolving in two specific directions - the first one is to maximize equipment performance and improve its parameters, the second one is to miniaturize components and systems. Onion IoT is a perfect example, it was launched in 2016 and since then it has become incredibly popular among minicomputer enthusiasts.


UC - Microkontroler
UC - freq:
UC - core
UC - External memory
UC - Digital pins:
UC - Connector:
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
UC - Windows

More about Onion IoT

Onion IoT is a crowdfunding project that started its history with a fundraising campaign on the popular Kickstarter website. It quickly gained popularity all over the world thanks to the fact that it is compatible with Linux system, which is very popular among programmers. Even the first version in 2016 was very well-received among the interested users. Due to the fundraising and monitoring the customer needs, the second edition of Onion Omega 2 and the Plus version provide all the components and interfaces that were missing in the initial design. It can be expected that the producer did not say the last word and they will constantly bring out new offers, modules, extensions and versions of the platform. 

Onion IoT minicomputer - capabilities and application

Not all systems require super-efficient computing power. In most cases, simple tasks need only a few sensors and controllers to, for example, open and close the gate after detecting the motion or the transmitter signal. In that case the use of Raspberry Pi or Arduino turns out to be quite an unprofitable idea as users will not even take advantage of the half of their potential. Fortunately, there is Onion IoT.

In this category you can find interesting modules and accessories that allow you to expand the capabilities and functionalities of Onion IoT. We offer such components as the NFC/RFID extension, PWM signal generators, universal boards, GPIO and USB boards, displays and many others. Onion IoT definitely deserves special attention as it is the smallest module that enables creating Internet of Things solutions in the world. 

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