Onion IoT

Onion is a small company created by artists, engineers and craftsmen with offices in Boston, Toronto and Shenzhenie. After a failed attempt to create the design of miniature thermal printer the staff of the Onion decided to look for ideas on new solutions required by the modern technological world. In 2016, the company has developed and introduced to the market Onion Omega – minikomputer running on the Linux operating system, with the possibility of connection via wi-fi network. The project jednopłytkowego computer was launched in 2015 campaign crowdfundingową on the portal Kickstarter. Onion Omega2 wi-fi and Omega2 Plus wi-fi is a small platform for the development of that open before you new world of possibilities in the field of IoT – the Internet of things.


UC - Microkontroler
UC - freq:
UC - core
UC - External memory
UC - Digital pins:
UC - Connector:
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
UC - Windows

Miniature computers Bow – simple and smart solutions source hardware and software for everyone!

Heart “bulbs” in the last game, with the first version of the Mediatek processor MT7688 clock frequency to be processed is 580 MHz. We find here also the internal memory of 128 MB and FLASH memory of 32 MB that can be expanded because it is located on the PCB of the memory card reader microSD. Platform Omega2 wi-fi and Wi-Fi Plus Omega2 supports programming languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, Node.js C++, Lua, php, BASH, as well as the environment Node-red, which allows modeling and simulation of the processes in a simple way for beginners. Miniature computers Onion IoT can work with computers running based on Windows operating systems, Linux and macOS. Thanks to the plates Omega2 wi-fi and Omega2 Plus wi-fi you will be able to design and implement automation budynkową where control will be connected via Internet, for example, with Your machine. Just use your imagination and create interesting projects IoT – technology of tomorrow!

A small printed circuit Board with huge possibilities!

An important advantage of the latter minikomputera Bow is its modularity. In our offer you will find attractive accessories for use with Omega2 wi-fi and Omega2 Plus wi-fi, such as accessories, modules and expansion hardware Expansion Dock free Dock, Mini Dock, Power Dock, OLED Expansion, Expansion Relay, Bluetooth BLE Expansion GPS Expansion – USB and many others. The connectors onboard Omega2 wi-fi and Omega2 Plus wi-fi you can connect devices such as current sensors, temperature and humidity adapter I2C, accelerometer, LED display, gyroscope and others. Omega2 also has a built-in wi-fi module. Last minikomputer also has output pins for communication with external devices via I2C, SPI, UART, and generating the PWM signal.