Remote control systems are used in various segments of electronics. Control remote control standard for consumer ELECTRONICS devices, but increasingly the pilot to control we can also other system - lighting, air conditioning or even on the basis of the module of Arduino home automation system. Remote control systems use different principles of action - some communicate by using infrared radiation, others, in turn, use unlicensed frequency bands of radio communication, such as 433 MHz.

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Products by page

The remote control in a wide range of applications

Remote control using the remote is a very convenient system that allows you to control electrical devices at a distance. It's a great help for user who use simple device can control the operation of, for example, the TV without the need for starting off. In our store you will find also solutions for remote management that can be integrated with modules Arduino that allows you to create remote-controlled devices, as well as in the emulation mode of the remote control module Arduino, allowing this system to operate other devices.

Charms radio and IR

Currently used mainly two techniques for communication of pilots and remote control systems - radio and optical. Radio is used most often in the range of 433 MHz, for use which does not need a license, so their implementation in the control system the remote control is very simple. Trinkets offer a large radio range and don't require line of sight between the receiver and the transmitter. In turn, optical, remote control systems, they are cheaper and simpler in construction, and the standard communication Protocol RC5 makes many devices that use infrared LEDs compatible with each other. In our shop you can buy both types of pilots, and system for remote control of various devices.

With remote control electrical outlet

The range of shops available Botland also be controlled using the remote control power sockets and bulb holders. Such accessories will allow you to remotely control electrical appliances and lighting. If this kind of control system remote control connect arduino module having the appropriate transmitter, it is with ease You will be able to create a simple home automation system that allows you to use one device to control all the electric equipment at home.