AVR - Microcontrollers (uC) of the AVR family very popular among fans not only in Poland. Once, in the medium Bascom-AVR compiler BASIC language for these microcontrollers has led to the fact that happy used in Amateur projects. Systems of this family are ideal to study the programming of microcontrollers, due to wide support and a large number of training materials. In our store you will find a wide range of these systems.



    In our store we offer a wide selection of different models of AVR microcontroller SMD. The use of the surface technology makes sure they can perform the role of logic even in very small devices. We have both small model from the ATtiny, and more powerful, offer more features...

  • AVR in the case of TNT AVR in the case of TNT

    AVR in the case of TNT - IN our offer we have a wide selection of different models one of the most popular microcontrollers. This device family Atmel AVR: all are made in the technology THT (elements in the body przewlekanej - DIP), making them perfect for both experienced...

A wide range of microcontrollers AVR family

In our product range you can find a lot of different systems AVR family of Microchip. This family of 8-bit microcontrollers atmel, based on RISC architecture harwardzkiej. On the one hand, these microcontrollers are very simple to implement - most of the systems of the family of AVR is only needed for power supply (5 V or 3.3 V) to the action. These microcontrollers often have built-in RC oscillator, which allows the generation of the clock for clocking the core. In addition, the AVR chips also have built-in memory , and program memory, and various additional peripherals. Due to the high degree of integration, often to operate the device, just the microcontroller.

AVR Chips are available in housings for various types of installation

In our store available microcontrollers of the AVR family of Microchip in a wide range of different buildings. Available systems for installation problems (TNT), is suitable for use, for example, on ceramic tiles, contact, and simple, large PCBS, and also in housings for mounting [surface (SMD), is often more conclusions, but the installation is a bit more complicated, given the smaller size of the legs. Elements THT have from 8 to 40 pins and in SMD housings 8 to 64 pins.

Wide selection of layouts for different opportunities

The AVR family is divided into two groups of models ATtiny and ATmega. Microcontrollers differ in the number of additional equipment and the capacity of the program memory and RAM. Layouts from the ATtiny, deprived, as a rule, interfaces, such as hardware serial port only have one interrupt and a much smaller amount of RAM and memory for the program. In turn, the ATmega microcontrollers have one or more UART port, two gap (or more), and a significantly larger amount of RAM. In addition, the electronic ATtiny have a small to medium number of pins - GPIO - a layout of the ATmega from medium to high. Models from both series AVR family available in our store.

A variety of peripherals in the AVR system

The microcontroller consists of a Central processing unit - CPU RAM memory programs (often ROM or Flash, are now less common, EEPROM), as well as complex systems input / output. In systems of the AVR family, as well as other, similar mikrokontrolerach, a wide range of peripheral systems is their power in electronic systems. We offer in our store AVR microcontrollers have a very wide set of digital and analog circuits the inputs and outputs. In addition to the digital I/O lines General purpose (GPIO) systems in the AVR you will also find other digital serial interfaces such as UART, I2C or SPI, and USB (as a device). There are also analog inputs - the system has inbuilt analog to digital Converter (ADC) with multiplekserem input. These microcontrollers have, in addition, built-in timers with the possibility of generating signals with alternating filling modulation (PWM) counters, etc.