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With the development of new technologies, the possibility of obtaining a laser beam in a domestic environment has become a reality. These days, the electronics industry produces tiny semiconductors that can generate a laser beam. These semiconductors are laser diodes. The increased optical power and excellent working parameters of the semiconductor allow it to be used in measuring devices of increased accuracy both in production, in medicine, and in everyday life. Laser diodes appear in devices such as printers, CD players, laser engravers, cutters, and many more. Also, laser modules are widely used in scientific research and high-precision production. Our online store offers a wide selection of laser LEDs with a wide range of parameters. In this category, you will find products such as 3D/CNC engraving lasers, laser diodes, laser upgrade kits, and many more. Check to find the product that will meet your expectations. We guarantee fast shipping and the best prices.


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Laser LED diodes - a universal solution

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. In simpler words: light particles (photons) charged with current emit energy in the form of light. This light is bundled in a beam. The laser beam of, for example, an engraving machine is thus formed.

A laser machine is used for three types of operations: laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser marking. Nowadays, laser diodes can be found found in many devices used in almost every sector. They appear in industrial automation installations, diverse tools, consumer electronics, or even in barcode scanners in supermarkets. LED laser diodes are cheap, so manufacturers use them widely. At Botland. Store, you will find various integrated laser modules that are easy to install.

LEDs for Engraving

During the laser engraving process, the material is hit by the laser beam, exposing it to a large amount of concentrated energy. Depending on the selected laser settings, the color changes, and a contrast is created, the material evaporates or discolors. Typical products that are made with laser engraving are nameplates, trophy labels, photo-engravings, stamp rubber, and promotional items. For laser engraving, we recommend the laser modules from, which range from 2,000 mW to 6,000 mW, thanks to which they are able to mark metals such as stainless steel and titanium.

These modules are used by signmakers, printers, schools and universities, creative and industrial users. Laser diodes are also used for laser cutting of small and medium-sized materials. Both operations, engraving, and cutting, can be perfectly realized with the lasers available at Thanks to their lightweight aluminum construction, these modules can even be installed in small machines. As a result, it is possible to build a cutting and engraving system at a low cost and with little effort.

Laser pointers

Laser diodes are also installed in so-called laser pointers. Thanks to the application of high-level optics, these types of LEDs can display a regular dot as well also shapes such as a cross or a line. If you are looking for a module for a laser pointer, check our large selection of products at attractive prices. offers a wide selection of high-quality laser diodes, thank to which you will certainly find a solution perfect for your project. If you’re not sure which product to choose, contact us. Our customer service will help you find the product, that will meet your expectations.

What are the special features of laser beams?

Laser light gives rise to identical particles that move in the same direction. Given these properties, we can command and control laser light with extreme precision. This is why the fields of application are numerous. Laser rays do not exist in nature and are always the result of artificial manipulation. Lasers are used in a very large number of fields: they are used in CD players, in the supermarket checkouts, in the welding of vehicle components, or as a tool to perform eye operation so the patient doesn’t have to wear glasses. offers a wide variety of lasers, so you will certainly find the best solution for your needs.