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Led laser - Lasers were created nearly 80 years ago, but much of its history it was a huge laser modules high price, who worked mostly in the physical testing laboratories. From the invention and introduction in the stores of laser diodes, their value fell sharply, which led to the fact that these elements appeared in commercial devices such as, for example, CD players or printer. Over time, there is also high power LEDs, which found its place in machine tools, laser grawerkach, plotters whether wycinarkach. Our online store offers a wide selection of laser diodes in a wide range of settings.


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Laser led for universal applications

The laser diode is an extremely versatile semiconductor device. Currently this kind of elements are found in many devices used in virtually every sector. No matter whether it is consumer electronics, the barcode scanners in stores and installations for industrial automation or digital machines, laser diodes everywhere. One of the reasons for such a high popularity is their low price. The second is ease of application in various devices, in particular, that in the market and in our store - there are many available integrated laser modules, ready to install.

Laser projectors signs

One of the applications of laser diodes are different laser pointers. Thanks to its advanced optics, such LEDs can not only display the usual point, but also figures such as a cross or a line. Such modules are available in our store at very attractive prices.

High power LEDs for engraving

In our product range you will also find laser modules with high power LEDs. These modules have 2000 MW to 6000 MW, so they are able to mark metals such as stainless steel and titanium are metals with low conductivity. In addition, the available diode lasers can also cut materials such as wood (balsa, plywood), plastic (rubber, plastic), paper (cardboard, paperboard), as well as textile or leather. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum design, these modules can be installed even in small cars. This enables the construction of systems for cutting and engraving at a low price and a small amount of work.

Easy to implement LEDs with driver

Laser diodes, especially those with higher output, they need the stability of the emitted light. This purpose is often used integrated in the structure of a laser diode and a photodiode which measures the intensity of emission of the laser. System driver laser diode is measured fotoprąd auxiliary LEDs and stabilizes it at a predetermined level. This situation seems to be - and rightly so - difficult, but our store sells laser modules, integrated led driver - just plug them power to work.