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Sensors clean air - now it's more serious and would keep the air clean. The disturbing phenomenon of smog suffocating the inhabitants of large and busy cities. The human expansion and deforestation, makes that we breathe, is becoming increasingly poor air quality. We have in stock, sensors air quality, which will allow You to check the standard of air we breathe. The air quality sensor might be the perfect solution for Your home project electronic.


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Sensor air air Pollution, measured electronically

Caring about the quality of the air we breathe, and which will breathe our children, you must care about the environment and our atmosphere. In our store we offer high quality sensors clean airthat will allow for close monitoring of the surrounding aura and its quality. For the most frequent and the most poisonous substances into the atmosphere, include the hydroxides of sulfur and carbon and nitrogen oxides. Air pollution is one of the most deadly of all types of pollution, as it easily carries, and the area of contamination can be very large.

Sensor of air pollution - Low level of emissions is confirmed by measurements

What is low level? This is the release of harmful gases and dust to a height of up to 40 meters. This type of pollution is mainly from domestic stoves and local boiler houses, and its feature is that multiple sources bring in the atmosphere a slight amount of impurities, which can then create smog. Could, that is, mixing fog with the smoke and exhaust gases, this phenomenon is extremely unfavorable for our health. Sensors clean the air lock, then the high values of contamination. In our store is available to devices that will allow us to properly assess the level of risk.

The air quality sensor - Detected dust suspended

The dust is suspended, i.e., so-called atmospheric aerosols are one of the most dangerous to human forms of pollutants. They can be divided mainly into two groups - PM10 and PM2.5. PM10 are particles suspended in the air, the diameter of which does not exceed 10 microns. It is very harmful, especially for children and the elderly and people with asthma and allergies. Dust PM2.5 is considered the worst type of pollution, since the diameter of the impurities is not more than 2.5 µm, meaning that they can enter the human blood, and there, with the blood to wreak havoc throughout the body. Our sensors clean air can detect both types of microparticles of dust. Make your home this type of poll, and try not to go out in the hardest of times.