Air sensors

On days when air pollution is all the more dangerous, and most people has different types of allergies and diseases of the respiratory system, sensor clean air should be a standard equipment for any office, premises, warehouse, workshop, and even apartments. With this small item, it is possible to build a complex system that will inform users that the amount of dust is approaching dangerous values.


Sensor - service

Products by page

Products by page

In our product range BOTLAND everyone can find as a ready sensors dust, air cleanliness, temperatureand even humidity , and concentrations of hazardous substancesthat do not need any additional equipment, and a small sensor module to be connected with the Arduino or the Raspberry, creating a good station, informing about the state of the environment.

Sensor clean air – safety in the private Studio and workshops

Working in a private workshop, no matter You are busy piecing together replicas of aircraft or ships, or vehicles – each has a permanent contact with large amounts of hazardous substances. The situation looks even worse, if workers spend in the shops or in the warehouse for many hours, thus earning for life, because their respiratory tract, they kept contact with the threat.

In all cases facilities need to be adapted to the sensors in clean air, harmful substances, dust and moisture, which can also have a negative impact on the human body. In the event of an emergency, when information appears about the threat, should immediately wear a face mask and leave the room. If the risks caused by gas leaks, you must also call the appropriate services, protecting the building at a high professional level and is suitable.