Tinycontrol smart controllers

Today’s technology offers great opportunities that just a few years ago were only a utopian dream. Every year, advanced equipment manufacturers provide customers with more and more complex and useful options. Tinycontrol smart controllers are a perfect example - with them monitoring and building automation become much more efficient. Do you want to find out what possibilities are just waiting for you? Check out our offer!


Smart Home

Tinycontrol smart controllers at home and at work

Would you like to have all the sensors and alarms in your property under control? Does monitoring elements such as LED lighting, temperature or electrical devices from your computer sound appealing? It’s simpler than it seems - just invest in Tinycontrol smart controllers. The company won customer hearts by providing them with functional and compact tools at affordable prices.

The manufacturer gives customers a choice between LAN controllers, which act as web servers, and GSM ones that are controlled by SMS texts. Numerous ports allow you to connect several devices, sensors and systems at the same time, even if they work independently (e.g. temperature, lighting and humidity control in greenhouses).

Maximizing effects of cultivation and constant monitoring of parameters meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Would you like to give it a try?

Controller installation and connecting the sensors

Choose products from renowned manufacturers like Tinycontrol which always provides its customers with top quality components. Precise design, innovative materials and simple operation of compact systems - that’s exactly what Tinycontrol smart controllers have in store for you.

Together with the equipment, users get a manual that contains all the information essential to turn the Tinycontrol controller on, to connect the sensors and to set them up. This is so simple that even those who are not very familiar with the technologically will easily manage it. Should there be any doubts or questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you and answer all your questions.