Controllers Tinycontrol

In the category of “Controllers TinyControl” we offer a wide range of devices wide range of applications. TinyControl the company develops tools for wireless control systems of processes and machines through GSM network and IP. Due to the possibility of bilateral communication, you can monitor sensor readings and to actively respond to change. The products of this series are characterized by low prices and very high functionality, excellent, typing in the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT - from the English Internet of Things).


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Controllers TinyControl

Controllers TinyControl is a device used to remotely control devices connected to the GSM network and IP. Some of them have the possibility of supply from the power supply, or use PoE (Power of Ethernet). This is a unique technology that allows the transmission of electricity over a conventional twisted pair for the device, which is a network element Ethernet controller TinyControl. With this controller, you can read the values from trained sensors and to control actuators that will work differently depending on specific conditions.

Controllers TinyControl

TinyControl can assume the role of a Watchdog device of the INTERNET to test the connection to the Ethernet network and the possible relief of individual system elements. Using temperature sensors in the premises as well as heating elements TinyControl, it is possible to promote temperature control in the apartment. You can also easily test the voltage generated in the wind turbines or the side solar panel. TinyControl controllers can also be used as elements for switching power from the network to the power received from another source, start the process on the basis of information about the current state of tension. These devices can also test how the controllers, allowing to control humidity and temperature in greenhouses or home lighting.

What we offer in this category?

In this section, we offer a wide range of devices TinyControl for various purposes, is intended for use in different automation systems. Has the equipment capability to monitor multiple sensors, controllers, LAN, acting as a WEB server, as well as models with the function of the switch and devices with PWM outputs or PoE. The connection is realized usually through interfaces, SPI, I2C, UART, 1-wire (RJ11). The choice of device should depend on the purposes of use, so before invalid for a specific model, see the manufacturer's information.