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The TinyControl series controllers are versatile devices enabling the implementation of communication and control functions in building automation systems and intelligent installations via Ethernet, GSM and LAN. TinyControl modules implement two-way communication (full-duplex) and allow full control of data readings from measurement sensors and immediate decision-making in a manual or automatic way. The goal of the designers from TinyControl is design, implementation and development of complex electronic automation and control systems based on microprocessors. As in the case of development platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard, designers of TinyControl devices also create comprehensive technical solutions that facilitate building IoT (Internet of Things) projects. The most important advantages of TinyControl modules are the affordable price and huge possibilities of creating advanced designs of automation and control devices that use wireless communication. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of TinyControl products!


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TinyControl - small dimensions and huge possibilities

The TinyControl series devices enable remote control of devices operating in GSM networks and the Internet. The TinyControl modules can be powered in two ways - via the power supply and through the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function. In this way, data transmission and module supply via Ethernet are carried out using a single connector. Such a module also allows monitoring of data from measurement sensors, as well as operating physical controllers of applications, e.g. roller shutter drive systems, gates as well as lighting and air conditioning. Another practical feature of the TinyControl modules is monitoring the correctness of data transmission using the Watchdog system and checking the checksum. In addition to typical applications in the form of equipment for intelligent buildings, Tiny Control devices can also supervise the working conditions of home renewable energy systems, i.e. photovoltaic panels, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants. TinyControl modules also enable the implementation of an extensive building power system - using the TinyControl relay module you can connect your home power plant together with an emergency power supply system, as well as real-time monitoring of electricity quality parameters. This technical solution positively translates into reliability and reliability of power supply and significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the building.

TinyControl - a versatile communication and control devices

In the Botland store offer, you will find a wide selection of TinyControl modules with which you will be able to carry out even the most complex projects of building automation controlled via the Internet. Communication devices available in our store allow you to build advanced communication systems and data transmission from measuring sensors. TinyControl devices support communication using popular communication interfaces and protocols, i.e. UART, I2C, SPI and 1-Wire, thanks to which they can work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. However, using LAN controllers, you can monitor and transfer data over the local network and save them on server disks in real-time.