Network connectors 230V

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the appropriate connector AC power, called a "plug", is of great importance not only for aesthetics and convenience, but also for the safety of the device. You should know the practical differences between the different versions of the plugins electric and to apply elements that are most appropriate in this case. In this category you will find both network jacks are 230V for separate grounds on the cable, and ready-made cords with connectors, suitable for most common in Europe standards.


Conn Type
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A bit of theory

The main issue with networked devices-a method of connection of primary circuits of the power supply (or, in the case of more simple objects – all internal setup of the device) to the network. Some devices, such as most household lamps, fans, less home APPLIANCES or piece of equipment, ELECTRONICS, originally equipped with dwupinowe network connectors 230V, that is – simply put – a "flat" plugs with no grounding. Having in hands such a device can be assumed that the device is designed and manufactured in the so-called class 2 insulation (if the plug is original or was replaced by a person experienced in the service electricians). And devices with plug with hole for bolt must be internally made in 1 insulation class, which means that grounding (the third, yellow-green wire in the cable network) ensures the user's safety. In such devices it is impossible to change the connectors on the flat plug, as this can pose lethal danger in the event of a possible rupture or other damage to the equipment or its improper use.

Fork fork uneven

Network connectors 230V, performed with earth, appear under multiple characters, with different usability and application possibilities. The classic plug-simple, for example, WT-30 or WT30-2, ideal for connecting devices, for example, by using straps of a computer or extension cord placed vertically (along the axis of the cartridge), which makes inserting and removing the plug from the socket. In the case when the device is to work directly with a wall outlet, the plug may be angled (e.g., WT-20 or PT-16), in which the wire is directly freely under its own weight – is less susceptible to accidental damage or credit. However, if the nest is in an inaccessible place (for example, about furniture), a wonderful choice would be low-profile network connectors 230V type WTPV or WTPV-2, which, due to the unique design suited for use in very limited space.

Ready power cord

In our offer you will find also ready-made power cables, equipped with the most popular network connectors 230V, rad, installed in ELECTRONICS devices, home APPLIANCES and computer hardware. Class 2 is often used for the socket called "eight" – for them we have a wire of length 1 m and 1.5 m. desktops, monitors, video equipment and numerous measuring instruments have IEC connector with trapezowatym form – if you need a cable with this connector, in this category you will find a 1.5 m wire with plug direct and angular. For power supplies laptops from us, and a compatible power cables terminated by plug-type "clover".