Pine64 - Rock64 boards

A family of high-performance single board minicomputers together with accessories made by a Chinese company Pine64. Rock64 is small sized one-disc device powered by a 64-Bit processor and with support for up to 4GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 memory. It provides an eMMC module socket, microSD Card slot, Pi-2 Bus, Pi-P5+ Bus, USB 3.0 and many others peripheral devices interface for makers to integrate with sensors and devices.

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UC - Microkontroler
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UC - Camera interface
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Products by page

Products by page

Minicomputer with 64-Bit processor

We are well aware that many of our customers are enthusiasts of computers and they are constantly looking for new parts and devices. That is why we have prepared a wide range of products that include - among other goods - effective miniboards. In our offer, you will find many minicomputers from the best producers around the world like Asus, LattePanda, Intel, AVR, Odroid, Sony or Husarion. One of the most popular models is Rock64 boards made by a Chinese company called Pine64. This compact-sized one-disc device is powered by the 64-Bit processor and can support up to 4GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 memory. The big plus of this product is the fact that it works really well with many popular systems such as Android, Ubuntu and Debian.

Efficient and compact solution

One of the main reasons Rock64 is popular with our customers is the fact that it is very simple to run. All you need is a couple of elements. One of them is a microSD memory card, which serves as a carrier for the operating system. HDMI cable provides a connection to the monitor and mouse and keyboard helps to control and enter the data. It is worth noting that Rock64 boards are fitted with outputs and inputs of general-purpose and USB 2.0 ports that will help with connecting another device - a keyboard, a mouse, a wi-fi card or even a USB flash drive. Ethernet slot provides the ability to directly connect to the LAN network. The device also includes a slot designed for a memory microSD card. You can easily install the operating system onto the card. Our offer also includes cases for the Rock64 miniboards, which will ensure safe transport of the device.