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Pine64 is a company that makes powerful computers jednopłytkowe on the basis of RockChip. Rock64 modules are equipped with fast network interfaces, such as USB 3.0 and gigabit Ethernet, so that they can Express to communicate with the storage media and the Internet. Add to that port PCI Express x4, HDMI, capable of the presentation of the image in 4K, we can from these computers jednopłytkowych to create a high-class home entertainment center.


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Products by page

Products by page

Powerful computer jednopłytkowy

Computers jednopłytkowe Pine64 have a number of advanced and interesting applications. In addition to such obvious, as the media center, they are able to work in several other roles, thanks to the extension connector, compatible with Raspberry Pi. It is possible to connect different modules-lining, using the communication interfaces SPI, I2C or I2S, which allows you to manage motors, lighting, etc.

Powerful processor and equipment needed to playback 4K video

Minikomputer RockPro64 is the most powerful platform jednopłytkowa offered Pine64. This machine is equipped with a powerful processor RockChip RK3399. This six-core PROCESSOR with two ARM Cortex-A72 processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz and four cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. This computer can be equipped with up to 4GB of RAM, which gives him impressive features. Complement fast network interfaces, such as USB 3.0 and gigabit Ethernet. RockPro64 also features a HDMI port that is capable of presenting images in 4K, making it the ideal platform for a media player. In addition to these interfaces, the most powerful version Rock64 also has standard USB 2.0 ports, a connector for a microSD card and audio output on 3.5 mm minijacku and interfaces such as CSI, DSI and eDP. RockPro64 compatible with overlays for the Raspberry Pi, but also has a PCI Express x4 connector, for connecting expansion cards.

Physical format, compatible with Raspberry Pi

Computers jednopłytkowe Pine64 physically compatible with popular modules Raspberry Pi - the same shape and the same ports, allowing a wide range of housings and other items for the popular ‘Raspberry’. Our store offers a wide selection of this kind of covers, including the official case Pine64 made of aluminum or an elegant enclosure made of plastic. Moreover, the platform Rock64 equipped with a standard, 40-pin GPIO connector that enables to connect additional equipment to the computer. There are signal interfaces, such as UART, SPI or I2C to communicate with a wide group of modules HAT and other components. Additional 22-pin connector Pi P5+ Bus provides access to interface signals to the S/PDIF or I2S for connection of external converters ADC and DAC audio.

Special port for connecting memory eMMC

Modules Pine64 have a special connector for modules with drives półprzewodnikowymi standard eMMC (embedded MultiMedia Card). These modules consist of a chip with memory and its controller. This solution is better to use a microSD card to store the operating system and other data. Memory eMMC is much faster than SD cards provide higher speed data reading and writing, and also because of the increased cell resistance memory consumption, from SD cards more reliable. Our store offers a wide selection of modules eMMC storage that is compatible with computers Rock64. These modules are available in capacities from 16 GB to 64 GB.