Mounting the Raspberry Pi

In our rich offer you will find the best mounting elements for Raspberry Pi 4B. This is a very important category in our online shop for every specialist in the field of robotics, as well as for loyal fans who are developing really complex computer systems. Products in this category will help you skonstruowaniu sustainable design, which will easily hold designed layout. We recommend you to familiarize with assortment of fasteners in Botland store that you can buy at affordable prices.

Products by page

Products by page

Stable and additional mounting elements for Raspberry

If you are an avid designer of computer systems and your favorite tool is a soldering iron, you understand how important is the quality of the component elements for the Raspberry Pi computer 4B. The architecture of the computer of the fourth generation system allows the Raspberry to any intervention, and a significant increase in the capabilities and resources of the device. Because of this, you can afford quite successful and individual project that will benefit the proper operation of the unit in the house, monitoring or smart gadżetowi, which makes life much easier. When designing a layout you should choose the Goldpin connectors that eliminate the need for soldering and provide a quick connect and disconnect components.

Ensure proper arrangement of plates and parts

By the system microcomputer like the Raspberry, you can combine multiple components and devices using the connectors or simple soldering of wires. However, increased computing power and the computer cause the release of large amounts of energy as heat. This is especially true of the processor. One of the most common causes of malfunction of computers of own production is the lack of good ventilation and efficient cooling. Therefore, with the help of fasteners to the Raspberry Pi 4B, take care of the proper distance between the plates and installations that will ensure safe operation of the entire computer system. Also worth investing in an extra radiator, with a support tape or a special paste to cool. Effectively removes heat during operation of the computer and a positive effect on the rest of the components.

Professional range of accessories for the Raspberry to Botland

In our online shop delivers the best quality additional mounting components for the Raspberry that you buy at attractively low prices. Our proposal allows for effective and efficient extension of the computational capabilities of your computer and ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation. There is a wide choice of radiators and ribbons termoprzewodzących who will take care of proper cooling of the entire system of the computer Raspberry. Suitable for all devices on the motherboard that emit the greatest amount of heat. Sets version Goldpin connectors, male and female, allow any extension of the capabilities of the computer installation without the need for soldering and a quick disconnection of additional elements of the test system.