Heatsinks and Screws for Raspberry Pi

You have created a wonderful project based on the Raspberry Pi, which requires deep technical knowledge and programming skills? You should take care that the structure is solid, stable and possess professionalism. Invite after mounting the Raspberry Pi in the best quality for our store Botland – every day we care about the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

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Products by page

Before soldering check that everything works correctly

The design of the drone, robot, automation systems and gadgets of everyday use is only the beginning – the second stage is a connection between components, systems and parts. Due to this, the individual elements will create a unique person that uses the computing power of the Raspberry Pi. Correct connections and rewarding systems, the theory always looks positive, but the practice often tests knowledge and design skills.

So it is necessary to use, in particular, sets of Goldpin connectorsthat offer plugs for men and women. Thanks to them you don't have to solder between the individual elements, and you can quickly check that they are working satisfactorily, then hang tested the system and go into further tasks. You will save so a lot time and materials.

Mounting the Raspberry Pi – take care of air flow, cooling, and correct placement of tiles

Projects that use minikomputer Raspberry Pi, often consist of many circuits and components are connected using wires. The work of the processors generates heat, so the lack of ventilation may be the cause of the accident. Distances are one of the main parts of the equipment with which the users can create the installation of all systems and tiles in a safe way.

Another product that should be a basic protection in designs that use the computing power of the CPU Raspberry Pi is, in particular, radiator with additional support tape or paste cooling. His task is to remove heat during operation, which also positively affects the performance of the units.

All mounting components the Raspberry Pi can be found in our offer. We have a variety of products that are of high quality workmanship and the best materials, so each designer, designer, programmer, you will find everything you need to build a structure.