Tablets and smartphones

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, for several years, accompany us everywhere. Smartphones have replaced regular mobile phones. They are inexpensive and offer very large range of possibilities. Tablets, in turn, increasingly replacing laptop computers, especially in less demanding applications such as watching videos, browsing the web or using instant messengers or Facebook.


  • Tablets Tablets

    Tablet computer tabletowy is a type of portable computer, as a rule, mobile control, which is equipped with a touch display and battery in a single, slim housing. Tablets, while computers offer capabilities similar to a PC. They lack only some of the possibilities of entry and...

  • Phone accessories Phone accessories

    Mobile devices accompany us every day. It was comfortable and ergonomic, we have ensured that the market was accessible to a wide range of accessories for phones and tablets. Through their use you can not only use the device in a convenient way, but also to protect it in case...

  • Charger for smartphones and tablets Charger for smartphones and tablets

    Charger with USB output, microUSB for mobile phones.

  • Mobile battery PowerBank for phones Mobile battery PowerBank for phones

    PowerBank, i.e. mobile devices, emergency power for phones and tablets.

Products by page

Products by page

A wide range of mobile devices

In our store you will find a wide range of devices such as tablets and smartphones. These modern devices provide access to the cellular network and other wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. With access to a wide range of applications that can be installed and run on these devices, their capabilities are greatly expanded. In the catalog Botland available smartphones and tablets of different types, as the most simple, cheap device for less demanding users and more complex for those who have high demands on the equipment used.

Wireless - LTE and wi-fi

Almost all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, are equipped with interfaces wireless connection. Most often it is built-in LTE modem, which supports a variety of standards - 2G, 3G and 4G. Already have devices that support stated the standard 5G that has to enter into operation in the near future. Thanks to him, these devices will have access to very fast Internet. The second most popular communication interface, which is equipped with tablets and smartphones, wireless - wi-fi, with support for various communication standards (802.11 b, g, n, ac), allowing file transfers and Internet use. Most of these devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect to a PC and various other accessories.

Additional features – navigation, TV, camera and other

The capabilities of tablets and smartphones does not end on connection with the Internet. These devices are usually equipped with additional functions and modules. Almost every smartphone and tablet has one or two cameras that can serve as well for taking photos and recording videos. These devices also have a satellite navigation system, allowing not only to locate the device, but also to run, for example, applications for car navigation. These devices can run thousands of different apps for smartphones and tablet computers, office packages, programs for editing photos, instant messaging via the Internet, and games until.