Tablets and smartphones

Nowadays, ordinary mobile phones are not really present in people's lives anymore. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are much more popular. There are several important reasons for this - firstly, they are small and can be taken anywhere, secondly, they are not expensive, and finally they offer many possibilities in one device. There are fewer and fewer people who use large and bulky laptops when out of home. Instead, they choose comfortable tablets that fit easily in their bags, don't weigh much, and offer a lot possibilities. It's much more convenient to watch a movie on a train or public transport if you have a handy tablet rather than a large and low-battery laptop. Smartphones, on the other hand, are also taking on more and more functions of different traditional devices. Gone are the days when they were only used for making calls. Now you can take pictures on them, play games, watch movies and even read books! Technology has moved forward, and that also gives electronics enthusiasts the new field of exploration. Check out for yourself what the Botland store has prepared for you in the section "Tablets and smartphones".


  • Tablets Tablets

    Tablet computer tabletowy is a type of portable computer, as a rule, mobile control, which is equipped with a touch display and battery in a single, slim housing. Tablets, while computers offer capabilities similar to a PC. They lack only some of the possibilities of entry and...

  • Phone accessories Phone accessories

    Mobile devices accompany us every day. It was comfortable and ergonomic, we have ensured that the market was accessible to a wide range of accessories for phones and tablets. Through their use you can not only use the device in a convenient way, but also to protect it in case...

  • Charger for smartphones and tablets Charger for smartphones and tablets

    Charger with USB output, microUSB for mobile phones.

  • Mobile battery PowerBank for phones Mobile battery PowerBank for phones

    PowerBank, i.e. mobile devices, emergency power for phones and tablets.

Products by page

Products by page

Wide range of mobile devices – from basic to very advanced

In our offer we have prepared many devices to meet your expectations and needs. You can find here a long list of tablets and smartphones, whose primary function is to access mobile networks and other wireless networks (primarily WiFi. The devices also offer access to a variety of applications, which can significantly expand the functions and capabilities of the device. In our offer everyone can find something for themselves. The undemanding users looking for simple and economical solutions can choose budget devices with basic functions. Whereas enthusiasts of mobile devices can easily find what they are looking for in the section of more advanced devices with many interesting functions. All the devices we have selected have been selected for their quality and meeting the high requirements of the testers. We are sure that when you choose to purchase one, you won’t regret that decision!

Wireless connectivity - LTE and Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it is already standard practice for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to be equipped with wireless communication interfaces. The most common is the LTE modem, which can handle several standards: 2g, 3g, 4g. However, the first devices supporting the upcoming 5G standard are already appearing on the market, which can provide all devices using it with access to very fast Internet. The second extremely popular solution is to equip the device with a wireless network communication interface (Wi-Fi). The network supports various communication standards, which gives the possibility to send and receive files. Most of the devices available in our offer also have Bluetooth interface, which enables connection with a PC and other devices. In the offer of Botland store we make sure that you have access to devices with different configurations at affordable prices, corresponding to your expectations and conditions. Check our offer and find out which device suits you best in terms of wireless communication!

Additional functions - satellite navigation, cameras and others

However, wireless connectivity is not the only feature that smartphones and tablets can offer. It is already well known that these devices have many additional features and modules. One of the most popular features that almost every smartphone and tablet has is having one or two cameras. Cameras can take pictures and videos and are usually placed on both sides of the device to give access to the "selfies" function. In addition, an important feature of mobile devices is that they are equipped with satellite navigation systems that locate the device and allow the use of multiple applications. Nowadays, it is no longer just a matter of car navigation applications, but also of using navigation to look for a taxi, deliver food or simply describe the photos taken with the right location. Of course, there is almost infinite number of other applications can be installed on tablets and smartphones - from office, art, streaming for video and music to mobile games. In our offer we have selected the best devices with access to the most important functions.