Drones DJI Inspire

DJI drones are produced since 2006 in Shenzen China, the cradle of modern technology. Currently, the products brand, become known, and with pleasure choose the audience around the world. Represented in this category of drones the DJI Inspire belong to the category of professional devices and represent not only the design of flying with the possibility wideofilmowania, and even a ready-made platform for delivering high-quality images from the camera live.


  • Drones DJI Inspire Drones DJI Inspire

    The drone from the Inspire is a special purpose machine which can reach a maximum speed of up to 108 km/h. Equipped with a high quality camera that delivers high quality images. This device is for professionals who need fast, accurate and zwinnej machine that will provide...

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    Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for drone DJI Inspire.

  • Control equipment for the DJI Inspire Control equipment for the DJI Inspire

    Drones DJI Inspire become synonymous with excellent quality quadrocopterów about the huge possibilities. The best proof of their usefulness may be the fact that they are even used professional team of film and drones DJI adapted for recording materials to other movie formats...

  • Accessories for DJI Inspire Accessories for DJI Inspire

    The DJI Inspire is a series of drones, which since introduction into the market, has won a large circle of loyal fans. Of course, much to the credit of these parameters quadrocopterów – lovers wideofilmowania from the height of bird flight attracted, above all, the ideal...

DJI Inspire 1 video in standard 4K

Model DJI Inspire 1 combines several technologies which has certainly increased the quality wideofilmowania and shooting from the height of bird flight. Users got the image in 4K, matrix 12 Mpx and the ability to broadcast images in the format of High-definition. More – set to design flying with a camera gimbal, offering a 360o turn, has allowed the performance of full frame. The UAV greatly supports the actions of the user, to provide him with high quality materials, uses this, in particular, stabilization of the image obtained through the cooperation continuously with the flight controller. In autofocus mode takes care of the appropriate parameters to perform a perfect clear photos. DJI Inspire self-analyzes the battery level in order to return to "base".

DJI Inspire 2 – state of the art solutions

The second version of the famous models of drones the DJI Inspire has brought many innovations: a new system of image processing, higher speed flight and an even longer utilization after a single battery charge. This quadrocopter can accelerate to 80 km/h in 5 seconds and a top speed of its flight even at 94 km/h Single mission can last up to 27 minutes thanks to the dual lithium-ion battery. The parameters of video transmission has undergone evolution in this model drones. Inspire 2 allows you to record video at resolutions up to 6K. Supports such formats like Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes, used by the professional team of the film. Invaluable assistance to the implementers be intelligent flight modes, including Spotlight Pro, TapFly or Active Track. Very important for the safety of each mission has the design ability of the aircraft to detect obstacles. DJI Inspire 2 handles it perfectly – review system front and bottom allows you to see obstacles from a distance of 30 m when flying at a speed of 54 km/h and also for effective monitoring of the terrain. And the system makes samoogrzewania that the drone is a lower temperature (even -20oC).

Parts and accessories for DJI Inspire

In our store you will find a transmitter for DJI Inspire, and accessories for drones of this brand. We're in a suitcase transport, which ensures safe moving of equipment to work the materials of the film, and we will deliver charger mains and car. Here you will find a wide selection of spare parts – propeller, the hull, the engines, the shoulders or the antenna. Access to original items will make it so that even in case of failure or damage to the drone, quickly returned it in perfect condition.