Portable lighting LED

Portable lighting LED - we Offer a wide selection of portable lamps that use energy-saving technology LEDs. Of the lamp adapted for the difficult conditions that prevail on construction sites, in workshops and warehouses. We have a wide variety of models with different powers of the flux of light from 800 to 3500 lumens. With ease you will be able to select equipment suitable for the conditions in which it will be used.


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Portable lighting LED

The lamp, which base their activities on LED technology, have significantly improved energy savings (several times lower energy consumption) and strongly improved strength compared to traditional electric light sources. Such properties are transferred directly to the best financial results when the equipment is operated. We have in stock the device with a capacity of 10 V, 20 V, 30 V, 50 models emitting light with the power of 800 lm, 1400 lm, 1600 lm 2100 lm, or even LM 3600. Given the wide range of values of these parameters, you can easily find the necessary equipment for scheduled tasks and conditions that prevail at the place of destination. Lamps with lower power illumination ideal for use in small rooms, in the workshop or on the construction site for lighting a small area. Lamps with greater power flood light is ideal for use in open areas, workshops and warehouses. In most models of the portable LED lamp is characterized by an angle of about 120°, while the color of the light defined as a white neutral.

Lamps for special applications: resistant to destruction and the absence of a current

Most of the proposed models are designed to meet the requirements that guarantee a degree of protection level IP65. This means that the device is resistant to the harmful effects of dust and any debris, and protected from Struga Lana water on the enclosure from any direction shall have power to 12.5 l/min. the range includes also models with integrated battery - this solution allows to use light sources, even for several hours in the place where there is no free no single source of electric current.