Outdoor lighting fixtures LED

Lamp, outdoor LED, we Offer high quality outdoor LED lamps. We have a wide selection of models, designed for different applications. LED technology works well as outdoors and indoors. The small size of the light source (LEDs in SMD technology) contribute effectively hiding it in an elegant housing that is resistant to conditions unfavorable for electronics. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose from models with a light intensity of 110 10 LM to 500 LM.


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Outdoor lighting fixtures LED

The use of LED technology is a great way to save energy, while maintaining all the practical properties of the light source. The small size of such elements (made in SMD technology) have a positive effect on the possibility of placing them in relatively small spaces. Because of this can form the device with a very strong intensity and excellent adaptation to protect it from adverse atmospheric electronics (e.g., humidity, precipitation or dust). All devices offered in this category have a degree of tightness determined at the level of IP65. This means that the device is fully dustproof and resistant to water (which does not put pressure more than any thread with the power of 12.5 l/min).

LED lamp for various applications

Our offer includes equipment suitable for outdoor use, like LED lamps, designed for installation on a permanent basis on the wall of the gazebo or the walls of the house. We have in our range the device is attached to the electrical outlet, and solar-powered lights that eat using the built-in solar panel (e.g., solar street lamp). We also offer lamps with a motion sensor that triggers only when detection of a moving object. It is a way of saving electricity consumption, as well as providing illumination of places where the switch is not the most practical option (for example, the entrance is under the house). Lamps with LED dusk sensor lights up when motion is detected, but only after dark. There are also decorative lamp, such as LED projector with interchangeable slides. Depending on the model, devices offer maximum light output with values: 110 lm 230 lm, 600 lm, 1400 LM, 1800 LM, 3500 LM 7000 LM 10500 LM or.