The clips

It is hard to imagine today a modern building – for example, an office building or residential building – has the intercom system or electronic access control. The possibility of local or remote unlock the doors, putting the electrical signal, provides unlimited possibilities of applications not only in classical systems intercoms whether wideodomofonów. Should stop the implementation of this solution in various security systems or as popular in recent years, "smart" buildings. In this category you will find universal clamps, which act as electric locks for different applications.

What's in the castle, there are a handful of theoretical foundations

Classic castle, which everyone knows from entrance doors or internal (e.g., room), consists mainly of two elements: the hook and the cassette with the correct insert, handle and mechanism. The mount is mounted on the frame and has the task of cooperation with the language, that is, the movable element (often in combination with the handle mechanism and Central locking system), which enters the hole of the holder causes the lock of the door. Simple latch with multiple levels and the small plate spacing and number of holes depending on the type of joint tape, do not allow, however, the control of the opening and closing of the door in any other way than mechanical (manual). Therefore, the access control system applies elektrozaczepy. This mechanisms include a solenoid, allowing the latch in cooperation with, for example, language on "camouflage" into the body of the coupling.

Mechanical options without

The main parameters defining the mechanical properties are, of course, the size and shape of the housing of the coupling device, and a method of installation. Proper selection requires elektrozaczepu determine the mounting Cup that has been provided or may be done before installation of the element. Some ledges are adapted to a particular orientation of the door (right or left), others can work with either hand (even with double doors). A very important parameter is the mode of action – a typical elektrozaczepy have the design, the NC (normally closed), but some elektrozamki (e.g., beams) the construction normally open (NO). Other settings – for example, maximum allowable load current, in particular, for reasons of safety (risk of forcing the door, e.g. for balancing).

Plug-in power supply device

From the point of view of electronics or electrical, the purpose of which is to connect elektrozaczepu to installation, the basic parameters are: voltage and current coils. Some clips can only work with a specific type of voltage (AC – AC or DC), others accept any of them. Especially important, is always the correct voltage value too low may cause automatic opening of the castle, and too high, overheating or, in the worst case, failure of the coil (not to mention the risk of fire). In the case of hooks NC, maximum operating time is also limited because of the danger of overheating of the coil, so do not exceed the allowed time of continuous operation. The value of the supply current of the electromagnet the resistance of the coil and used voltage the manufacturer specifies for each coupling device of the relevant information on this topic.