Husarion is a complete ecosystem for manufacturing robots. It has its application in education, as in construction of complex robotic platforms. The ecosystem is a dedicated controller Husarion Core2 is available in three versions and a wide range of robotic platformsdesigned for different application areas - they differ in the number and type of sensors embedded in the system, and sometimes also mechanical system and chassis. Husarion is the perfect start in the case of plans for the construction of working electronic.


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Husarion platform robotyczna education

Husarion is a Polish companythat has developed and created a complete platform robotyczną dedicated to, among other things, to education. The company started its operations in 2013, founded by graduates of the Cracow Mining and Metallurgical Academy. Specializiruetsya on the design and construction of Autonomous robots self-propelled in a very wide range of applications. Husarion based on your experience in the design of such platforms, also decided to enter the education market that the fruit is available in our store kits robotics and the entire ecosystem Husarion and ROSbot.

Built-in controller Husarion Core2-enabled real-time systems

Heart robots stamps Husarion designed controllers. These robots, for control use modules from the family Core2. These drivers use an advanced 32-bit microcontroller equipped with ARM Cortex-M4with a clock frequency of 168 MHzand 1 MB of Flash memory and 192 KB of RAM STM32F4. Modules Core2 which uses Husarion have, in addition, a number of useful devices on a printed - circuit Board drivers for enginesthat support rotation sensors, etc., ports for connection of sensors and servos, a connector for a microSD cardand a built-in controller wi-fi module, using the popular layout ESP32.

A wide range of controllers for the different possibilities

In our store are available for three types of controllers Core2that are compatible with the robot Husarion. The smallest modules - Core2-mini is a compact version of the drivers compared to their larger brothers and is deprived of slots for memory cards microSD, and also has a lower (only 20) number of derivative GPIO. In addition, the module mini has the same features as other modules, including additional controllers, DC motors and servos, as well as inputs for a wide range of sensors. Module Core2-wi-fi - this is the basic driver of this family. Has a port for memory cards microSD, as well as increased, relative to the module Core2-mini, number of GPIO up to 42 pieces. Other parameters, including the used microcontroller and the wifi module are identical.

Powerful module with computer jednopłytkowym and real-time control

The most productive of modules designed for robots Husarion - Core2-ROS; it is, in addition, the interface to which you can join computer jednopłytkowy - Raspberry Pi or Tinker Asus Board. This computer has a special Robot Operating System (ROS) - real-time system, designed for robotics. Allows connection of devices such as cameras or LIDARy.