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The DVRs allow you to consolidate the route and events on the road. Such a record is indispensable during controversial situations (for example, difficulties in identifying the culprit or stop by the police). Standard logger for the car, saves a picture of the events on the road in front and/or behind the vehicle, and some models also allow audio recording, photographing and measuring speed. The Registrar motion is a particularly useful tool for people who spend a lot of time driving (e.g., taxi drivers or vendors).


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Video projectors - what you should know before buying?

The entry with the car DVR may be the evidence in dispute with the other driver, the insurance company or the police. Therefore, such a device is useful for every driver. However, it is worth remembering that the camera, like other elements of the Registrar needs to store data in high quality - otherwise, the recording may be useless (e.g., if it is not possible to read the registration of vehicles involved in the accident).

Traffic recorder main parameters

Good recorder for car needs to have the ability to record in high resolution (at least 1280x720, ie HD, and it is better Full HD or higher). Such records take up much space, especially if you are recording audio, and other settings, so it's worth driving recorder supports SD card, or possessed a large amount of internal storage. There are also registrars of the car with the option of loop recording that is replacing the old it is a convenient solution for drivers who don't have the time to read and erase previous records. A useful feature is the ability to record the route and speed (GPS module) and also a record night mode, motion detection (camera runs when the car is going anywhere), the Parking mode or the option of powering from its own battery (otherwise the Registrar must be permanently connected to the socket in the car, also won't work after turning off the engine). You should pay special attention to the angle of the lens - the higher the value, the more the field is captured in the frame that can make a big difference in the case of certain events (for example, when another driver will make a priority). It should also be remembered about the maintenance of lens (glass in front of him clean, that will ensure maximum image quality.

Our offer

In this category affordable car recorders intended for installation on the windshield or rear window of the car. We offer registrars in a variety of price range. Available with wide-angle lens, the ability to record audio, loop recording, self-powered, motion sensor, date stamp and time WDR (illumination images) and other useful options. We offer driving recorder equipped with a comfortable handle that allows you to secure the device on the windshield of the car.