Camera termograficzna also called the camera on the infrared port or an infrared camera is a device that creates a picture of the heat distribution in a scene by measuring the emission of infrared radiation. This device works like a normal camera creates an image by using visible light. Instead of the usual range of 400-700 nanometers of the camera (visible light) imagers operate in the wavelength range of about 14 thousand nanometers (14 µm). Their use is called thermography.


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Device for visualization of temperature distribution

Makes the mid-IR similar to the action of conventional cameras. Camera termograficzne are particularly specialized optics - lenses, these devices cannot be made of glass, because it blocks the IR port. Instead, he used special materials such as germanium, calcium fluoride or crystalline silicon. Also other detectors using semiconductors niskoprzerwowe such as antymonek indium, indium arsenide, tellurek mercury cadmium (MCT), lead sulfide or lead selenide. On the other hand electronics, which are sensitive to similar and presents the user with an image - white-black or printed with the so-called pseudokolorem, where different colors correspond to increasing temperatures.

The principle of operation of thermal imagers

A blackbody is an idealized physical concept of a body that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation regardless of frequency or angle of incidence. At the same time it emits electromagnetic radiation depends on its temperature. This dependence is described by the Planck distribution. To room temperature, the maximum of the distribution is in the far infrared, przysuwając in the direction of the visible light with increasing temperature. With attention to the form of the Planck distribution with temperature increase is also increasing the amount of infrared radiation emitted by the data body. Imagers collect the infrared radiation (typically working in the range 7 to 14 microns), since conventional cameras collect visible light.

Simple IR modules for mobile devices

In our product range a wide selection of cost-effective and compact imaging modules designed to connect smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Due to the fact that these modules are significantly cheaper than their full relatives, and, simultaneously provide the same image quality. This allows more intensive termografię - even hobbyists can afford to purchase this kind of device and use it with your smartphone.

Camera application termograficznych

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used in many areas of industry and defense, or in the exact Sciences. Thermography is often used in electronics to monitor power, as well as for damage detection in power systems. Through the use of thermal imagers possible rapid detection of an excessively heats up elements and fault diagnosis. In building thermography is used to investigate the correct implementation of the thermal insulation of buildings, as well as the issuance of certificates of energy. Thermal imaging cameras are also used by the police and the army - they allow, in particular, have placed people in the dark. Thermography is also used for environmental monitoring, pollution levels, health status of farm animals, etc. This technology is of great importance in the modern world.