Temperature probe PT100

PT100 probes are popular temperature meters – resistance thermometers. These devices are most often used in various industries. They are characterized by an operating mechanism that allows you to change the resistance. PT100 temperature sensor changes its resistance as a function of temperature. This means that as the temperature increases, the resistance of such a sensor also increases. It is a very simple, handy and precise converter of temperature into electrically measurable value. Although it is a fully professional device with a very important function, the undoubted advantage of buying the PT100 sensor in the Botland store is the low price of the product. An additional advantage is that the sensors operate in a very wide range of operating temperatures. The PT100 temperature sensor can be the ideal solution for a project where temperature testing is required. Check all products in this category now, choose the best temperature sensor that works as an electrical converter!

Temperature sensors PT100 – universal probe for measuring high temperatures

The great advantage of the highest quality PT100 sensors is their construction. Platinum temperature meters are extremely versatile temperature transmitters. The probes use platinum thermocouples as a temperature sensor. The result is that they can operate over a very wide temperature range. Basically, the thermocouple itself is dedicated to work in the range from -200 � C to 800 � C, however, the resultant operating temperature range of such a probe is also influenced by the housing, cables and other elements used. The change in resistance through a platinum sensor is a well-characterized physical process. Therefore, PT100 sensors show high precision and reliability. PT 100 is one of the most popular purchases among electronics.

Platinum resistance thermometers – PT series

You can buy many different types of products in this category. PT sensors are a series of platinum temperature meters that use platinum thermoresistors as transmitters. These converters convert the temperature value into an electrical value - in this case resistance. For most metals, the change in resistance as a function of temperature is linear, making them ideal sensors for measuring this physical quantity. The PT series includes PT100, PT500 and PT1000 probes. When choosing the right product, pay attention to its name that has not been given randomly. The number in the marking informs about the resistance of the sensor at 0 ℃.

When you buy a PT100 temperature sensor in the Botland store, you can be sure that you are choosing the highest quality product. Most metals exhibit high resistance to temperature extremes. This makes them good measuring probes. The use of platinum is not accidental, because it is a metal that has a very high resistance to high temperatures. Thermal resistance - depending on the model - is even several hundred degrees Celsius. The greater the resistance, the higher the price, but despite the use of an expensive metal - platinum - these probes are cheap because they contain small amounts of this metal.

Electronic commissioning modules for PT100

In our store, in addition to the PT100 probes, you will also find complete transducer or amplifier modules. These modules are dedicated to be connected to development and development boards. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to build your own project, e.g. controlling the temperature at home. The undoubted advantage of our products is also the fact that they have linear characteristics that facilitate temperature measurements. The change in resistance is linear for metals. The PT100 transmitters are ready-to-work devices, perfectly suited to domestic conditions as well as factories and advanced industries.

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