Temperature probe PT100

Probe PT100 is a popular temperature sensors - resistance thermometers. These sensors change their resistance as a function of temperature, this means that, along with its increase, the sensor resistance increases. This is a very simple and accurate temperature sensor to a value measurable with an electric drive, which, moreover, is characterized by low price and a wide range of operating temperatures. Temperature sensor PT100 can be the perfect solution for projects that require the study of temperature.

A PT100 temperature sensor is a Universal probe for the measurement of high temperatures

Platinum sensors for temperature measurement are extremely versatile speakers of this physical size. Sensor using platinum termooporniki as the temperature sensor, thereby it can operate over a very wide temperature range. Essentially termoopornik designed to work in the range from -200°C to 800°C, but the resulting operating temperature range of the probe also affects the used casing, cables and other items. And that change of resistance for a platinum sensor is a well defined physical process, meters of this type are highly accurate. PT 100 is one of the most popular purchases among electronics.

Platinum resistance thermometers

Sensors PT series platinum temperature sensors with platinum ternmooporniki as temperature sensors in electrical values, in this case, the resistance. For most metals the change of resistance in function of temperature is linear, which makes them excellent sensors for the measurement of this physical quantity. The PT series consists of probes PT100, PT500 and PT1000. The number in the name indicates the sensor resistance at 0°C. Despite the use of expensive metal - platinum - these probes have a low price because they contain minor amounts of this metal.

PT100 sensor - Wide range of measured temperatures

Most metals has a high resistance to temperature changes, so they are good probes for their measurement. Platinum here is no different and the probes are made of this metal can measure high temperature up to several hundred degrees, if the sensor is properly done. This impacts of course on the cost of such a temperature transducer, so the most common devices operating in the lower temperature range, so that they can be cheaper.

Linear feature that facilitates the measurement

And that change in resistance as a function of temperature for metals linear transducers PT100 also have a linear characteristic. This is extremely important when implementing this type of sensors, because it eliminates the need for complex transformations of values of electric temperature. This reduces the cost of the entire device based on PT100.

Electronic modules run for PT100

In our store, in addition to the PT100 sensor is also integrated modules, converters and amplifiers. These modules are designed for connection to the tile line and development, which greatly simplifies the construction of the prototype, which uses a temperature sensor, for example, to control heating or other processes.