Educational games

Educational games for kids teach not only creative and logical thinking, but also very useful problem solving skills. In our store you will find products for students at any age, so the choice of a particular model, no problem. There is no better idea to spend free time with their children than learning through play. We offer game guarantees you many hours of interesting games, both for kids and adults. The range of Botland there are also instances intended for schools of which Your child learns many interesting things to say about the current. Learning the game is incredibly addictive, therefore it is a good alternative to computer or smartphone.

Multimedia educational game in Your house

In our offer you will find, in particular, games that teach programming concepts, such as, for example, cycle. In such games the participants stacked blocks that create a development team. Thanks to its infrastructure, children develop intuition algorytmiczną and learn to work in groups. We provide training kits are designed in particular for schools that are in a very accessible form show not only the principles of electricity, but also allow for interesting experiments with magnets and motors. Another interesting proposal is about software educational game, the purpose of which is, in particular, the block in the logical framework. For older children perfect idea, for example, for a gift, it is a portable console that requires self-Assembly. The product of this type teaches not only knowledge of basic electronic elements and principles of their action, but in how to connect separate parts. Under Your supervision your child to learn about the basics of soldering, and, moreover, to possess a basic knowledge of programming microcontrollers in C/C++ and gaming activities. Acquired electronics knowledge can develop into a new hobby, which in the future will become a profession.

Educational robot for children

The range of Botland, you will also find robots, designed to study programming from the youngest years. The kit, in addition to wooden robot, includes, Board, lamp Board used during the game, book several wooden blocks that represent the programming language. The robot communicates through the Bluetooth module, allowing the gameplay, both at home and in the hall of the school. This type of product, designed in particular for kids who spend too much time in front of a computer screen.

The rest of the sets for children

An educational game should be, above all, fun and interesting for children, so in our range you will find both ready-made kits to learn programming to create projects such as smart home, innovative apparel, and more. As knowledge of electronics and the information is transmitted in an accessible and understandable form, so that the learning effect is visible almost immediately. Multimedia educational game is one of the most interesting gifts that you can give your child. In addition, the total points spent on solving different puzzles will be the best memories.