The liquid level sensors

The liquid level sensor - Measurement of liquid level in the tank is used in many systems. The car has a fuel gauge, installed in the house we can have a level sensor in the septic tank, level indicator of water in the aquarium or the pool. These sensors are very popular, especially because many of them are easy to integrate, for example, modules Arduino to use in your own projects, for example, in the field of home automation. In addition to classical water level sensors in the tank in our product range can also be found, for example, a soil moisture sensorallowing you to monitor the status of hydration of your lawn, flowers in pots etc. the water level Sensor is a great solution for many electronic projects.

Electronic gauges for measuring fluid level and soil moisture

Electronic measurement of the values associated with water always creates certain risks - conductive liquids can cause a short circuit in the device and corrode the metal parts. Not otherwise and in case of liquid level sensors - if they have contact with, for example, water must be suitably protected from its effects. Remember, of course, to protect not only the level sensor happy, but, for example, module Arduino, if it is also placed, for example, in the water tank.

Non-contact sensors for measuring liquid level

Not all liquid level sensors, they are also vulnerable to damage caused by contact, for example, with water. In our product range includes a wide range of non-contact liquid level sensors in the tank. These devices may use different mechanisms of action. Some of them uses techniques of PV, others, in turn, are based on the capacitive measurement. Many of this type of sensors compatible with the modules like the Arduino and other platforms for developers, which facilitates their use in a prototype. These sensors are ideal for level measurement of aggressive liquids and for measurements in tanks under high pressure.

Floats for level measurement threshold

Level sensors use floats is mechanically integrated with the sensor or magnetic floats of reeds in the indicator liquid level in the reservoir are an excellent solution for systems where the exact liquid level in the tank is not important enough and only reaches a certain predetermined level. These sensors level check, for example, in the control system of water level in the tank in the garden - such a system may report that the capacity of the siphons. If we add to this, for example, the Arduino module and the solenoid valve, the fuel tank can automatically clean to never przepełnił.

Special sensors to study soil moisture

Sensors designed for studies of soil moisture, allow for electronic measurement of this parameter, for example, on the lawn. This kind of level sensors check in the garden or on the balcony. If you have a garden watering system, with the help of this type of fluid sensors and module, such as Arduino can be fully automated watering. In that moment, when the Arduino detects a lower than agreed soil moisture, sends the information for pumps in the irrigation system, and these is making sure the water goes to the plants.