Drone transmitters

Flying with a drone or RC helicopter is a great fun which can also turn in a piece of art or your daily income source. Photographers and camera operators widely use such tools for many amazing projects. However, a controlling device is a must when it comes to operating your helicopters and drones. Thanks to it, using your devices becomes much more comfortable which has a positive impact on your effectiveness.

Drone and RC helicopter transmitters - more possibilities and greater comfort

If you are just starting your adventure with flying RC models, you should focus on the basic functions and maneuvering skills. Drones and RC helicopters act differently when the air density changes or when it gets windy. Thus, it is worth testing your model beforehand to see how it reacts to different temperatures, wind, or air pressure. The controlling and signaling device should be straightforward and lightweight, so that even a beginner can easily use it.

Once you have gained experience and your skills allow you to safely work with drones and helicopters, you can go for much more sophisticated controllers.

Such controllers are equipped with systems like AFHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System), numerous channels and memory that enables you to work with several models of drones, helicopters, or even driving vehicles. As a result, you will easily get used to one controlling device which is crucial in the professional work.

How does the controlling device influence the performance of the equipment?

Every enthusiast of drones, helicopters, and other RC models dreams of reaching the widest possible range. Did you know that RC helicopter controlling devices designed especially for the most demanding and skilled users can maximize the range of the model? Obviously, helicopters and drones also need to be equipped with appropriate receivers and signal transmitters, but this is only 50% of the success.

In our offer you can also find dedicated devices tailored to specific drone or helicopter models such as DJI Spark.