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The Gravity series modules from DFRobot company, are an excellent solution for embedded systems used in automation, buildings, robots, industrial, and monitoring of environmental parameters of the environment. The Gravity series is especially recommended for prototyping devices. From the modules Gravity in the range of Botland store, you will find a pH meter factor, gas sensors, flow meters electricity meters, and more that will allow You to develop Your applications according to Your imagination of the designer.


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Products by page

Gravity - easy to use modules about the many advantages and great possibilities

A series of Gravity are high-quality electronic modules open source, the design of which the connectors are compatible for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The broad expansion options, high functionality and detailed and clear documentation to ensure easy, quick installation, start-up and development projects. Standard interface “plug and play” with the colored markings of the insights allows you to easily and quickly combine the modules without soldering. In the case of reverse connection will not damage the module, so that the decision from the Gravity are friendly for beginning house masters and allow an uninterrupted study of electronics through trial and error.

What devices can be build based on the modules of the force of Gravity?

Module of Gravity, proposed in the store, Botland, allows You to build, in particular, advanced monitoring station environmental conditions such as moisture, temperature, pH, salinity, dust concentration and gas pressure, fluid level, sound pressure, light intensity, and using sensor Lightning Sensor - detect lightning discharges at a distance of up to 40km. Regardless of Your level of experience in embedded systems, for beginning adventures with a series of Gravity should take a set DFR001, in which you'll find 9 different sensor modules with wires connecting the interfaces by which you will be able to in a quick and easy way to expand the possibilities of your project.