Brackets for television

It is hard to imagine today, the living room or bedroom without modern TV. Although in many cases this equipment is still installed on a special pedestal, it is much more ergonomic option is to mount it on the wall. However, in order to conveniently and safely place it in a place like this, you need to choose the appropriate holder. In this category you will find the brackets for televisions and computer monitors that are ideal for use both at home and in the office or meeting room.

A little bit about the standards

Previously, a significant portion of TVs and computer monitors have been equipped only in a special support, often on a regular basis built into the device. In such cases, the installation of equipment brackets for TVs, and special supports were not possible. Today, virtually all manufacturers put on the compatibility with the international VESA standard. Most often, the mount is reduced to four threaded holes located in the corners of a square with sides 75 mm, 100 mm or 200 mm. This value is also the reference given in the product description and documentation (e.g. user instructions) – here the most common record type VESA 100 or VESA 75. You can also find another option, for example, VESA 100/200 – which means that the distance between holes is 100 mm vertically and 200 mm horizontally (although most often, this holder has two holes, installed between the other, i.e. at a distance of 100 mm from adjacent windings).

Classic brackets for TVs

In this category you will find a wide selection of mounts for TVs, although some of them can be successfully applied for mounting computer monitors. For most large TVs (60-inch) recommended model AR-48 with a maximum lifting capacity up to 40 kg compatible with VESA standards of 600 x 400 mm, as well as any combination less than the required (up to 200 x 200 mm). Even more carrying capacity – because up to 50 kg provides a model for the AR-51, compatible with TVs with a diagonal of 23” - 60” and is equipped with VESA up to 400 x 400 mm. we also Have brackets for TVs with diagonals in the range of 14” - 42” (AR-44) and 22” - 47” (AR 49). In addition to the above, in our assortment you will find a hinged handle that will allow You not only to adjust the angle in the vertical plane but also on the deviation of the TV to the right or left, in a wide range. For example: the handle of the AR-60A is able to support TVs or monitors up to 35 kg, and sizes from 19” to 42”.

Brackets for monitors... and not only

On this page we have provided also interesting and very ergonomic stand which, although better suited for use in interaction with the computer monitors – they were perfectly fulfilled its role also as a handle for televisions smaller diagonals. Handle gas – because they say – ART L-14GW and ART L-16GD allow you to adjust the position (height and orientation) in any plane that is ideal primarily for computer workstations of designers, CAD designers, graphic designers or programmers. In this category you will find also more simple but very functional holder ART L-02A for two, a maximum of 8-pound screens with a diagonal from 13” to 27”.