Connectors slip

The vast majority of the connectors available on the market designed for static, i.e. in conditions where you can damage the two connected elements on any large displacement. However, in some cases, this limitation is of particular importance, which makes impossible the use of classical connectors. A good example is any mechanism, for example, the shoulders of the robot however, in some cases, you can effectively lead wires (with the stock) outdoors or near a joint, but what in the case when the element should have the possibility of unlimited rotation of 360 degrees? Then come to help the connectors slide.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Restrictions cease to operate

A great example of application of the connectors are slip hand grips of the robotic – if the effector can rotate around its axis without any restrictions, then it grows and the versatility of designs and agility and smooth movements. Instead of having to go back to a certain rigid range orientation, the grip can easily navigate to another desired application position. In addition, it is possible to perform movements that are inaccessible to most robots, especially when handling parts, items or poddawanymi visual inspection. The slip connectors use metal rings, which are in constant electrical contact with the contacts disposed in another part of the connector. Thus, it becomes possible for the transmission of signals (digital and analog) and the power supply of the popular elements, regardless of the current angular position of both parts of the connector.

Universal joints slip

In the case of applications with an increased need for control lines or measurement, ideal available in our range of connectors slides 6, 8 and 12 pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts can transmit currents up to 2 A, which is not only enough for all kinds of digital and analog signals, but, above all, allows the food components of low and medium current consumption (including even small electric motors or servos). Rotational speed limited to 300 Rev/min. the Cost of this is quite enough for many applications in robotics or mechanisms of different slot machines. In the case of connectors 6 - and 12-wire, with part of the connector is supplied remains in the mounting flange with a diameter of 44 mm and three holes with a diameter of 5 mm. Version 8-wire has two 2-mm mounting holes and is ideal for applications with limited space.

Swivel connectors for power systems with more power

In the case of systems, particularly complex from the point of view of nutrition, it is necessary to consider the use of connectors with high current carrying capacity. In our offer you will find the connectors slide, equipped with three wire with a diameter of 2.5 (red, black and yellow). The connector is able to transfer loads up to 10 A, which is no problem to cover needs related to the management of most small and medium sizes of DC motors and other "energy" of the moving components. The size of the connector is close to the version 12-wire, with the difference that the length of the body is 33,2 mm (instead of 26 mm).