CAN, or Controller Area Network - Can Bus, is a serial communication bus that was created in the 1980s at Robert Bosch GmbH. This project aimed to improve the operation and performance of the ABS system and engine control in cars. From the automotive industry the CAN bus quickly moved to other areas and spheres of our life. Today it is used, among others, in industrial automation and construction. CAN bus does not have a separate master unit, so we include it as a multi-master bus. The bus transmits specific messages, which are then received by all devices, so the communication is broadcast. CAN bus is characterized by automatic operation, hardware error handling and initiated messages that are recognized by identifiers. CAN bus systems are very popular elements, which are used in many technologically advanced and complex projects. In our offer there are CAN bus systems in various variants. You can choose the model best suited to your project in terms of technology. 

What is a CAN bus? 

Today, CAN bus systems are one of the most frequently used devices in industrial communication networks. They are appreciated by experienced and qualified installers and electricians, but they also work well for beginner fans of electronics and robotics. CAN bus systems provide communication between control devices and automats or robots, which depends on the specifics of the project. CAN bus systems are also used to ensure efficient communication and message exchange between controllers and sensors. Their great advantage is the speed of data transfer and very high signal stability. The speed is significantly determined by the cable length. The longer it is, the lower the speed. It is worth taking this into account in projects where we care about particularly high transmission speed. 

CAN bus systems are used in the construction of production lines, where they allowed for their automation, which translates into greater comfort for the employee and more efficient work. They are also used in control systems designed for heating furnaces and cooling devices. CAN network is characteristic for machine systems commonly used in industry. The entire CAN network is based on the bus, which is why it is often regarded as the heart and brain of the entire system. 

CAN network - CAN buses and other elements essential for building it

When creating an offer for our customers, we are always guided by comprehensiveness. We do our best to provide you with easy access to all the components you need, so that you can realize more and more ambitious projects. We offer, among other things, modules that allow you to connect microcontrollers to the CAN bus. In many cases it is necessary to use microcontrollers, i.e. overlays on popular boards, including Arduino. In our store you will find a wide selection as well as different options. The overlay is equipped with microcontroller's pins on top, so it is possible to establish communication with the device using SPI interface. The CAN bus is the most popular in the automotive industry, where it is used most often. For this reason we recommend caps that work very well with a standard automotive OBD-II connector. They are easy to install and the process of their connection is described in detail in the manual. In case of connecting the CAN bus with a board equipped with a microprocessor, the bus performance is reduced. In Botland store there are also available modules with CAN interfaces, where communication is possible thanks to USB connectors, as well as UART- RX, TX interfaces. 

Check what else we offer in the field of CAN networks. Compare the buses and choose the best model to fit your project. Ensure efficient, fast and reliable communication!