CAN bus (Controller Area Network - Can-Bus) is a device that provides two-way communication between the microprocessors. In other words, it is a serial communication bus, which was designed primarily to support systems such as ABS and engine management system. High reliability and popularity of the bus led to its development and wider application. Currently used in modern cars, in construction and in industrial automation. CAN bus is widely used in more complex projects.

CAN bus (CANbus) - Basic information

Communication CAN become one of the most popular standards of industrial communication networks - Poland is in second place for valuable of the standard Profibus. With CAN bus control devices transmit a signal to the robots (or slot machines). It is also ideal during the data exchange between sensors, controllers and recorders. Is characterized by stability and high-speed data transmission, however, it should be borne in mind that with increasing cable length the speed drops significantly. CAN have proven in the automation of production lines with different machine systems, management for furnaces, refrigerating chambers or printers. Need to know what topology the CAN bus is a pillar on which is based the work of the network CAN.

CANbus Modules, converters and pads - What we offer?

In our offer are primarily modules that allow you to easily connect Your microcontroller to the CAN bus. For many applications it is very often suitable lining on the popular tile (microcontrollers) - we have a wide selection of covers for Arduino. Often the connection with the device through the SPI interface, and the overlay is brought to front pins of the microcontroller. Communication the CAN bus is still the most commonly used in the automotive industry - available, among other things, a cover plate for Arduino, adapted for cooperation with a standard automotive OBD-II connector and contains a manual example of connecting devices. It is worth remembering that when using the CAN bus and the tiles that use the ATmega microprocessors due to their lower performance, functionality of the tire will be reduced. We also offer modules with CAN interfaces - connection is realized usually by using the USB connector and serial interface UART - RX, TX. In Windows operating systems or Linux will appear as a virtual COM port.