Accessories NanoPi

Minikomputer NanoPi already in standard form is characterized by very good parameters, which allows its use in different projects for embedded systems. In addition NanoPi in different variations you will find in our offer a number of useful accessories in order minikomputera. If you want to take care of the aesthetic side of your NanoPi, pick up a special panel made of plastic or metal. Using special pads, it can be based on NanoPi to build a driver motor, a small control panel with LCD display, and even build an overlay on your project.

A special chassis and power supply for NanoPi

FriendlyElec also supplies useful accessories for the mini-computer family NanoPi. We offer kits enclosures NanoPi contain the enclosure with screws. Depending on the aesthetic tastes you can choose body acrylic paint cream or package, and the metal body in black or black and white. Enclosures are printed descriptions of the connectors. Shop Botland sell power supply connector type micro-USB which are compatible with NanoPi as the Raspberry Pi.

Universal pads and the external modules operating with NanoPi

A dedicated touchscreen LCD for NanoPi in cooperation with the HD camera module FA-CAM500B with 5 MP resolution provides very good image quality. This will allow You to build a small monitoring centre. It is sufficient to connect the equipment directly to NanoPi, without the need to install additional drivers. The range of accessories for NanoPi is also a phenomenal lining NanoHat that communicate with the base unit NanoPi through the I2C interface. One of them is NanoHat Motor – pad using the system TB6612FNG chip is bridge type H working for the MOSFET transistors. Through this panel, you can control four motors at the same time, at rated capacity current at 1.2 A per channel. Thus, you can build a simple drive control of shutters or wide shoulder of the robot.