Zener diodes

The main use of LEDs Zener is a voltage reference.

How to choose Zener diodes to meet your needs

Given that the product is chosen individually for the presence of each project and the requirements of the equipment, you should choose it in accordance with installation parameters. More complex schemes may require a few indicators, which are characterized by different parameters. For each model indicated, in particular, information such as the voltage of the Zener diode and the power (sometimes you can also meet up with the type of housing and type as Zener diodes are divided into SMD and THT).

To choose the right indicator, you need to know how it works. Led Zener diode is used in the direction zaporowym. When it comes to exceeding the breakdown voltage, automatically appears a sharp rise of current (called the current the Zener). The voltage on the diode is increased gradually, whereby there is a stabilization.

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The use of Zener diodes

As you might guess from the first and second parts of the description, its objective is the stabilization and protection against voltage surges and current surges. Each electrical system must be protected in such a case, because otherwise it can damage the components – it is better to replace the diodes cost a few cents, than the item for several tens or even several hundreds of dollars.

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