Sonoff - intelligent drivers WiFi

In this category, the available goods of the company Sonoff - smart wi-fi drivers. There are devices that can easily help you transform Your home into a smart home. They are connected to your home wi-fi network, thus acquiring a number of practical possibilities. Offers switches, relays, switches and sockets allow you to control home equipment using the posted button or using voice control, remote control, sensors or a smartphone app.


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Products by page

Sonoff - intelligent drivers Wifi

A very big advantage of the solutions offered in this category is the lack of need for intervention in the structure of the apartment. Products Sonoff it is mainly the items you can replace old equipment (e.g. light switches) or to attach a feature to an existing installation (for example, the relay is mounted on przedłużaczu). Thanks to these solutions, you can quickly and easily turn your home into a smart home, which will be more convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.

What do we offer?

In this section, we offer a wide range of smart relays, circuit breakers, wall switches and sockets that will blend with Your home wi-fi network. We have, among other things, a device which you can place on your przedłużaczu, thus turning it into an element of the IoT. Integrated wi-fi allows you to connect to your home network and use it to the Internet so you can remotely monitor the flow of electricity, with the application eWeLink. Thus, you control, plugged into a power strip device - a tool, called relays. In the case of each of the devices has buttons that you can use in case when you don't have a phone (or other device with the application installed). In the proposal we also have a four-channel relays, which have the ability to connect 4 separate channels, and control each of them separately. Such a device, in addition to management capabilities physical buttons and using applications, also allows for voice control. Giving the commands, you can for example turn on a light or electric stove. In offer we also have light switches in modern design (single or dual), which is designed in such a way that they could replace traditional switches.

Important technical parameters

Before buying you should pay attention to the specifications of select device to select the optimal solution. Each product has a detailed technical description that allows you to determine what type of hardware extension relay or switch can properly and safely operate. It is also good to pay attention to method of installation of the devices requires changes to the structure of the cable, while some are adapted for mounting on a DIN rail, and inside walls.

Schedule equipment

App eWeLink allows you to not only manage the current devices, but the programming schedule for their work. Using this feature, you can easily ensure less consumption of electricity in Your home, it will save you money on bills and will contribute to improving the state of the environment. With this option you can also make your life easier, and even take care of safety at home - for example, by setting automatically turns on the light and run a radio in different rooms, at a specified time, allowing you to simulate the presence of residents of the house, while in reality, the house is abandoned in the period mood.