Sonoff - smart WiFi modules

WiFi is technology that has revolutionized the world of computerization and automation. Smart Sonoff WiFi modules are the perfect example how wireless connections can make our lives and everyday time or energy consuming activities noticeably easier. You don’t longer need to worry as with the help of equipment available on our offer everything becomes simpler.


Smart Home

How smart Sonoff WiFi modules can make your life easier?

Do you grow hot peppers and use growbox? Do you have a greenhouse and grow tomatoes, flowers or delicate shrubs? If so, you certainly know that creating the right conditions for your plants is not an easy thing to do. After all, you can’t subordinate your entire life to gardening, especially if it’s just a hobby. Sonoff temperature and humidity sensors allow you to switch on and off irrigation, heating or lighting systems depending on your settings.

A smart socket that can be controlled by a timer, mobile application or voice command is an excellent example of the sophistication of smart components. And this is only a part of possibilities given by Sonoff modules. Undoubtedly, it’s worth taking a closer look at their offer if a functional and modern apartment is your dream.

Functionality that reduces your bills

As power is getting more and more expensive, it’s slowly becoming a luxury good. Although we have more functional devices at our disposal and we consume more electricity, the prices are still increasing. Smart Sonoff WiFi modules and their potential will help you to save a lot of money.

Sonoff switches not only allow you to control your household appliances from the smartphone app, but also give you the possibility to monitor power consumption in real time. The verification of power consumption at time intervals (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly) is a particularly appealing feature that will make it easy to control your office or household.

Do you want more? Infinite possibilities are at your fingertips!