The device drivers are linear

A linear actuator is an actuator that produces motion in a straight line. This movement is progressive, in contrast to the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor. There are many mechanisms to convert the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor in the progressive movement. Most linear actuator uses mechanical gears. Such actuators are often used in automation systems, for example, to move the garage door. We offer in our store, drivers, actuators linear movement have a number of features that enable their use in such applications. An example would be the radio.

Linear actuators for home automation

In our store you will find a selection of drivers drives linear motion, designed to control linear actuators of various types and in a wide range of applications. This type of actuators are used wherever mechanical movement progressive. The most well-known pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, but the systems that use the electric motor with the appropriate gear are also used quite often, such as control of gates, Windows or valves dymowymi in modern construction. Additional drivers for this type of actuators provide simple integration with other building automation systems.

Drivers are equipped with remote control systems

In the case of applications such as sliding gates and other home automation systems, it is obvious that the device will be controlled remotely. What the gate for us, when we can't open the console, sitting behind the wheel? Therefore, drivers, linear motors are designed to work with sliding gate and other home automation systems. Mainly used remotes radio station, operating at a frequency of 433 MHz. They provide high range does not require line of sight, as well as user friendly control.

Wide applications of linear actuators in industry and electronics.

The linear actuators used in industry, in machine tools with numbers and industrial machines, and computer peripherals such as disk drives or printers. The linear actuators also apply to the valves and dampers, and in many other places where linear motion is required. Are also used in building automation systems. Electric linear actuators open and close doors, gates, Windows and hatches. For each of these applications, you can select another intended driver of the linear drive.