Electronic devices and robots are controlled in different ways. One of them is the knob, which is a kind of mechanical element of the device, which is designed to turn it on and off, as well as to adjust specific parameters. They are commonly used in home theaters and other audio equipment used in home entertainment centers. We can also find them on many control panels, they are used in industry as well as in robotics. The knobs available in our store are dedicated to all DIY enthusiasts, electronics and robotics working on electronic projects. The knobs will help you to create a system to facilitate the management of the finished device. They are available in different variants, in a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. We offer encoders and potentiometers with a wide range of applications. There are also knobs with built-in LED backlighting, which affects the visual effect, as well as comfort and convenience of use with limited light. 


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Types of knobs. Conditioners and potentiometers in Botland offer 

It is easy to notice that the knobs vary greatly in appearance, which is also due to their functionality and purpose. One type of knobs are encoders, which work well in stationary robots, plotters, audio sets and various types of machines. We distinguish between rotary encoders, which provide feedback signals, the change of position of which takes place in a stepwise manner, which distinguishes them from ordinary potentiometers, where the change occurs continuously. Encoders are equipped with a shaft and a dial, whose movement is rotary and is converted into an electrical signal, the latter in the form of pulses. The change of position occurs when the impulses are counted and processed to achieve the desired result. 

Besides encoders, our offer includes potentiometers, which are resistors. In such knobs we set the resistance continuously. They are mostly used to control specific parameters, including volume in audio devices. More and more often we encounter them in intelligent building systems, where they are used to control the intensity and intensity of LED light in rooms and designated areas. 

Incremental or absolute encoders

The encoders currently used in electronics are optical encoders. We can divide them into two groups, that is incremental or absolute. When it comes to incremental encoders, they are responsible for providing a signal in the form of high or low pulses. In this way, the direction of rotation is indicated. However, it is not possible to specify a position specification, which means that the movement is only tested from one position. This is slightly different for absolute encoders, which are designed to determine the position change in both directions. The signal in the encoder is created by the light emission of a light beam by the LED. This has the ability to pass through a transparent disc with transparent lines. The light signals are read by a photo sensor, which is placed behind the disk. Acceptance of the impulses is equivalent to the generation of impulses by the photo sensor, which are transported to the counter or driver and counted there. On this basis, an action is performed, which has been previously established and programmed by the user. 

You can use the knobs in your electronic projects. With their help you will create a more advanced entertainment center for family and friends, as well as a control system extremely easy and intuitive to use. The knobs available in our offer are bistable and come in square, round and rectangular versions. The knobs also come in various sizes, which you can easily adjust to the specifics of your project, as well as its appearance and aesthetics. The knobs are sold separately, i.e. as a standalone, single product. If you need more of them, it is better to choose a set of several knobs with specific parameters and visually consistent design.