DC motors - direct current

In DC motors, electrical energy from the voltage source is converted into mechanical energy. This in turn becomes the energy of continuous rotation. DC motors are widely used. They are used in household appliances, industrial automation systems, electric gates and many power tools. They also work well in robots, so it will be an excellent electric machine for your next project. We can distinguish several types of DC motors, which differ in the way they work, but also in their purpose. You will find them in our offer! These are DC motors with encoder, right angular gearbox and also gearless motors. Check our offer, compare parameters of individual models of DC motors and choose the one that best fits your project. With the DC motor, your robot will be set in motion, will carry out the commands given to it and carry out the tasks entrusted to it. Discover its potential!


  • DC motors with gearbox DC motors with gearbox

    Typical DC motors without a gearbox, get the shaft rotational speed of about 1-3 thousand. rpm Mounted on the motor shaft, reducer, allows in a simple way to reduce the speed to several tens rpm. This allows the use of such a motor wherever you need a small number of...

  • DC motors micro gear DC motors micro gear

    DC motors micro gear, belong to the group of motors fed by a constant current. Have a very small size and thereby proven themselves in projects of electronic devices where miniaturization is important, for example, robots or remotely operated vehicles. Reducer is used to...

  • DC motor with angular reducer DC motor with angular reducer

    The designers of mini-robots Amateur understands how important the use of, respectively, small and energy-efficient actuators, the design of which, moreover, will not create problems during installation. It is also very important costs drives – miniature engines for...

  • DC motors with gearbox and encoders DC motors with gearbox and encoders

    Robotics is currently one of the most developing areas in automation of processes. This applies not only to technological processes, industrial premises, but increasingly accompanies us in everyday life makes some actions easier and more enjoyable. The pleasure is even greater...

  • DC motors sub-micro gear DC motors sub-micro gear

    The authors of the popular scientific publication describing the technology of the future, for many years I even began to like us continuously with stories of micro - and nanorobotach that will be able to perform the exact missions, fully niewykonalnych for larger devices. But...

  • DC motors with double transmission DC motors with double transmission

    We know that a big problem in the construction of robots unprofessional often the result of non-standard mechanical elements in order to work without any restrictions, you will need to have a large workshop equipped with some tools and devices. Know it also manufacturers...

  • DC motors without a gearbox DC motors without a gearbox

    Electric motors represent the main source of drive mechanisms, automation, robots, mobile or the increasingly popular electric vehicles. Among the various available on the market types of engines, special place is occupied by the DC motors is their simple design, good...


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Products by page

Products by page

Principle of the DC motor

DC motors are made of many elements, including permanent magnets. They are arranged in a stator and winding, which is connected to a packet of copper sheets, forming a rotor. These are the basic components of a DC motor. The rotor must be set in motion, which is done by means of carbon brushes, which have direct contact with the commutator. The current can only flow when the rotor winding is energized. The current produces a magnetic field which sets the rotor in motion. The rotation is maintained in a continuous, unchanging motion, which takes place in one direction by reversing the direction of the magnetic field generated in the circumference of the rotor. This is how the DC motor works and thus sets the specific elements of a device, equipment, machine or system in motion. The whole process is very effective and efficient. High quality DC motors, on the other hand, are characterized by high reliability and long service life. For these reasons they are so popular.

How to choose a DC motor?

We can choose from several types of DC motors, among which there is a commutator motor characterized by a simple design and already known to the electronic industry technology. They are also available at an attractive price, which also makes them a popular choice for robotics and electronics projects. Due to their good quality of work they are also used by professionals. We can supply DC motors with voltage, which comes from the mains adapter or battery. The speed depends on the voltage, it will be higher with a similarly higher voltage. If we reverse the polarity of the battery or power supply, the direction of rotation of the motor will change. The PWM controller is designed to regulate the full range of motor rotation, and it is worth to decide on it if it is necessary to regulate the motor rotation during operation.

When choosing a DC motor, you need to take into account a few key parameters that determine its functionality and proper fit to the project. Very important is the power supply voltage, which must not be too low, because it will prevent the motor from starting. If it is too high, it can damage the rotor or stator. If we increase the load on the motor shaft, an additional heatsink should be used. Its task is to increase the heat dissipation area. When purchasing, also pay attention to the motor speed, which is always adjusted to the design parameters of the robot or machine. The higher the speed, the higher the efficiency of the engine. We will reduce the engine speed by adding gears. You need to know that the torque determines the acceleration of the engine. Moreover, the possibilities and area of use of the robot, machine or device depend on it, so it plays such an important role.