DC motors

Engines with two terminals on the DC power supply.



Voltage to
Voltage from
Motor - current
Motor - gear
Rotation speed
Motor - shaft:
Motor - 2x shaft:

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Products by page

DC motors – where and how to apply

The DC motor has a very simple goal. Its purpose is to change electrical energy into mechanical energy. This means that it needs to move its mechanical parts (e.g. wheel, cylinder, or shaft), using an energy source (e.g., battery power, battery or electric current from the socket).

If Your goal is konstruktorskim automation equipment, for example, raising and lowering of shutters, which will be controlled using mobile or temporary controller is DC motors, miniature computers Arduino (or other), controllers, and actuators necessary for the proper functioning of the project. This, of course, only an example of application, everyone can find much more (even in the end themselves) – for example, automation gate, where the movable elements should be used, if desired, the opening or closing of the object.

What is the model of a DC motor is better to choose?

We like simple models standard DC motors, and products with additional modules or functionality, for example, having additional gear or compatibility with wheels for robots and Rovers. You should pay attention to individual engine parameters, which include: voltage, current, torque, diameter, length, speed, weight and much more.

In you will find a huge variety of mechanical parts, through which Your designs will have improved performance and smoothness of operation. We offer, in particular, linear actuators, wheels, pumps, serwomechanizmy, drive tunnel and the necessary mounting elements.