Educational toys

Toys support your child's development, support their motor and manual skills and creativity. A lot depends, however, on which toys we show our little one and which we point out to him as tools for exploring the environment. We focus on educational toys, which in a very interesting way combine play with learning. These are suggestions for children of all ages, both for the youngest, who are just looking around, and for those who are already more active in social life. Especially for our most demanding customers, we have chosen toys that will help you get to know the world of robotics, digitization, computerization and electronics. They are adapted to a specific stage in your child's development, so you have the chance to choose something ideal for your child at a given age. Botland's offer includes brick sets, robots, multimedia games, educational mats and sets to build your own robots. For slightly older children we recommend tutorials and magazines to learn about electronics and robotics.



Build your own robot

Children enjoy creating, especially the youngest ones, who show great interest in the world around them. It is up to us adults whether this passion will be developed, and the desire to create is growing with each subsequent year and stage of development. Robotics teaches independent thinking, helps to understand the importance of making mistakes, which should not be treated in the context of failure, but a good lesson. Creating new things is very often rich in many trials and errors, but it is this path that proves most effective in creating extraordinary things. Sets designed to build your own robot is a way to have fun, as well as creative and inspiring learning. We offer a range of solutions for younger and older children, i.e. robots that are easier to build and those that already require more skills and knowledge.

Apart from the robot construction kits, the Botland shop also has other kits that are designed to create interesting structures. Among them there is the Mechanics Laboratory construction kit, which allows to build up to 50 different structures. Worth recommending is a set of LEGO bricks, standing out from all the others that the manufacturer offers. The one you will find in our offer allows you to design, build and program various types of constructions that are based on sensors and mechanical elements. In this way your child can have fun and learn and develop their manual skills and creative thinking.

Learn programming

Is programming for children or is it better to wait until they're older? Definitely, the sooner we get the toddler into the subject, the better the chance that he or she will show interest and want to develop in this direction in the future. However, children learn faster than adults and it is worth using these predispositions. The brain has the ability to create new connections, which encourages coding of previously unknown information. It can therefore be considered that the youngest learners absorb knowledge like a water sponge. Children are also curious about the world, they show a desire to learn things and areas that are alien to them. They are bold, which makes it easier for them to discover what is new and unknown. Programming is an extremely fascinating field, which surprises even the most experienced and advanced programmers. Every day we can discover something different, which makes it difficult to talk about boredom in the context of programming. We live today to a significant extent in virtual reality, which is very interesting for the youngest. We should not close the door to this world, but we should not give them full freedom in using it. It is a good practice to let the little one get to know it on their own, discover it and thus see how huge its potential is and how it can be used. In the Botland store you will find programming kits that will help you to interest your child in this unique area of knowledge.