Educational toys

Robots, educational toys for the kids and not only. Offering your children toys from a young age, you have a huge influence on their creativity, speed of development, absorbing knowledge and, above all, the assimilation of information from the outside world. Technological innovation will not be a surprise to them, so it is much faster zaadaptują in the era of digitization, computerization, automation and robotics. In this category you will find everything that has to be great gift - paced Your kids at any age.


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Products by page

Educational toys – learning through play

Robots are for many great future that can engage us in many activities and responsibilities – to others it is, however, a vision of the coming Apocalypse and the destruction of humanity. To be honest, at this stage of development is a great way for the upbringing and development of children from an early age. Educational toys and interactive robots for self-Assembly, to call the children creativity and the desire to take more complex tasks. If Your children see something that you built with Your help is working, will automatically want to move on to more ambitious projects. In stock you can find not only ready-made kits that have a specific purpose konstruktorski – we have also components and minikomputerami Arduino, PI Rasprberry etc. They offer endless possibilities and will eventually become the basis of Your work or play with the kids!

Gift ideas for Teens and older children

Products in this category is not only the range directed for several years, children who have not yet met with robotics and automation in your way. We guarantee also the proposals for the slightly more experienced young designers – that's why we recommend you to configure a set of skills, and constant adult supervision.