Banana connectors

Banana connectors are single wire electrical connectors that are used to connect wires to a given component. It can be used to connect various devices with each other by means of wires. They owe their original name to a specific shape. There are different types of banana plugs, but all of them are based on the concept of a spring metal exerting pressure on an unsprung banana socket to achieve a tight fit with good electrical conductivity. Some models have single and simple springs wrapped within a metal cylinder.


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In this category, we present various types of spring connectors and cables with banana terminals. They will certainly be useful to you for many electronic projects. Now check our offer carefully and buy a banana connector, plug or socket.

Banana connectors and sockets – versatile electronic accessories

The banana connector was invented already in the first half of the 21st century. To this day, however, it is still a matter of who invented this type of connector first. Two entities claim the invention of this plugin. The Hirschmann company claims that the banana plug was invented by Richard Hirschmann in 1924. A competing claim is made by the General Radio Company, which claims that GenRad developed a banana plug in 1924 to replace the previously popular pin connector. The banana plug, which was further developed by Hirschmann, was patented in 1929. This plug then consisted of only two parts.

Either way, no matter what their authorship is, the banana connector and banana-tipped cables are highly valued electronic accessories. They are primarily useful in programmable electronics. This is due to the fact that a very important advantage of banana connectors is their high compatibility. These connectors fit many other types of sockets and of course banana sockets. With this type of product, you can get a quick, safe and convenient connection of individual components.

Various types of banana plugs and connectors in Botland 

Common types of banana plug include 5 major versions: 

1) a solid pin slit lengthwise, 

2) a plug composed of four leaf springs, 

3) a cylinder with a single leaf spring on one side, 

4) a bundle of stiff wire with a central pin surrounded by a multi-slotted cylinder with a central bulge. 

5) a simple spring - a piece of sheet metal rolled up into an almost complete cylinder. 

The first model is a full pin split lengthwise and slightly set. The second means such a cable lug that consists of four leaf springs. All these types of connectors are compatible with each other and fit a wide range of banana sockets. 

Individual solutions have various advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for any banana connector, you don't have to worry about the fact that there are so many types. As we said, these connectors are 100% compatible with each other. However, if you are looking for a specialized banana connector in any of the above detailed versions, then you need to carefully pay attention to parameters such as conductivity, durability and many others. Ultimately, the individual versions may also differ in price, but rather to a minimal extent. Banana cable connectors are rather cheap electronic accessories!

Multiple plugs connections

Banana connectors are often used as patch cord terminations in electronic test equipment. Conversely, dielectric jacketed banana plugs are common for multimeter probe leads. The use of banana connectors is therefore very wide. Despite the fact that they were invented in the 1920s, we still use them so much!

Many of the plugs available in our store have a special hole that allows you to attach another plug to the plug, which greatly simplifies the setup of the measuring system, for example for a four-point resistance measurement (one pair of cables goes to the current source or ammeter, and the other pair to the voltmeter, measuring voltage drop on unknown resistance.