Connector pitch 2.54 mm

Connectors raster gained and strengthened for many years an important position in the manufacture of electronic devices. The field of application of these elements to reach all sectors of electronics, from sets for self-Assembly and modules for fans, with the help of home APPLIANCES and ELECTRONICS, right down to the drivers of industrial or medical devices. Their special advantage is the ease of installation, good connection options and reliability, arising from a simple mechanical design. In this category you will find the connector 2.54 mm pitch, which can replace popular goldpiny and offer a number of additional benefits.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Connectors design raster

Almost all standard connectors bitmap is constructed in a similar way: the connector is a row of metal contacts (straight or bent at an angle of 90 degrees). These contacts put the plant in the housing in the form of strips of plastic with holes tightly matched to the shape (section) and size of the contacts. Some connectors can be manually rozcinane for more short planks in the required number of contacts, other splits and you need to have at the time of purchase to choose the correct length of the elements. The easiest connectors, 2.54 mm raster is goldpiny popular, especially in the field of robotics, Amateur, well proven in the construction of prototypes, but in the finished device projects (especially those designed for mass production) it is better to use the connectors with the so-called key – this means on a similar design of the plastic casing, which prevents accidental reverse connection of the plug to the outlet. Thus, you can greatly simplify the installation and avoid costly mistakes.

Connector 2.54 mm pitch for practice

Available in this category connectors raster are made in housings of light yellow nylon 66, which provides insulation resistance at 1 G?. Elements can work with voltages up to 250 V and a load current (per contact) up to 1 A. the contact Resistance does not exceed 30 m?, that allows use of connectors with 2.54 mm raster, even in precision circuits input measuring devices. Connectors can be used in a wide temperature range from -25 oC to + 85 oC. Contacts designed for the chassis plugs can be female compression fittings either manually or using a special crimping machine and working with wire clamp may have a cross section of 0.2 mm2 to 0.75 mm2 (i.e., AWG24 to AWG18) and the outer diameter from 1.2 mm to 2.1 mm.

A wide range of connectors 2.54 mm

In our store you will find a wide variety of connectors bitmap standard pitch of 2.54 mm (i.e. – believing in the degree of inch – 100 mil) that can be used in most places, provided for the classic goldpinów. Available connectors with number of contacts from 2 to 6, and larger items 8, 10 and 12 pin connector. In any case, we offer both men's slots for the installation problems, as the connector body with the female terminals (contacts) for wire-end ferrules on the wires. Some slots available in the version of angular, which reduces the overall height of the PCB (compared to the size of the PCB with a used version of a simple socket).