Schottky diodes

LEDs are characterized by a short switching time and low voltage drop.

What Schottky diodes?

It is not that other, as an indicator of semi-conductors with a very small capacity of the connector. Due to this is characterized by a very short typical switching time at 100 ps (pikosekund). At the junction of the p-n connector uses a metal-semiconductor, so it has the properties of rectification is a means that transmits current in only one direction.

Even a small Schottky diodes can operate at very high frequencies up to several GHz, so their effectiveness is very often used in energoelektrycznych tools and systems – they allow the miniaturization of the projects, which every year leads to more and more advanced technology.

Application in practice

If Schottky diodes have properties of silicon rectifiers and has small jumps and drops voltage, it is very often used in such sections as the power supply. Given the speed of work match perfectly in protective structures, i.e., emergency power – rapid response time is almost the bottom, when the situation requires it. Examples of application of this item very much, so during the design or repair electronic equipment it is necessary to ask in advance the relevant selection of items.

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