Power supply ATX

Anyone who has ever collected, repaired, expanded, or cleaned a desktop computer, knows one of its core components – power unit ATX. Not all, however, know that this node can be successfully used for various applications as well as fully far from computers as such. The ATX power supplies, and offer excellent electrical parameters, and their prices are not any obstacles to use in custom applications. However, before the first connection to learn a little more about these powerful power supply.


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Voltages, currents and power – the basic data on the outputs of the ATX PSUs

The ATX power supply provides up to the motherboard and other computer components (particularly, hard drives, optical disc drives or graphic cards) there are several different strains that are installed relative to the total mass (COM). The greatest energy efficiency have an output voltage of +3.3 V and +5 V, a little less output +12 V Minimum current you can download additional output voltage -12 V. the Specific values of maximum currents that can be delivered via the ATX power supply in separate channels, indicated in the manufacturer's specifications (available in particular on the sticker on the case that is the nameplate capacity of the power supply). The total power from all outputs is supplied as the main parameter of a power supply ATX and usually ranges from 400 V to about 650 V, although the most powerful machines can work with special power supply units with a capacity of about 1500 watts.

Output connectors power supply ATX

Every ATX power supply is equipped with a large thickness, the wiring harness of the weekend, culminating in several types of connectors. The biggest connector – 24-pin connector to power the motherboard of a computer includes the findings of all of the supply voltages, which the device supports. Smaller plugs it is usually a 4-pin Molex connector (proposing 5 Volts – red wire and the 12 Volt yellow wire), flat black SATA connectors for hard drives, HDD/SDD and CD/DVD drives, and an additional square connector (4-pin), acting as additional plug-in voltage of 12 V. it Is necessary to know that running a power supply is not enough to enable the plug into the socket 230 V and pressing the button on the case the power supply will start only if the short to ground (black wire) pins PS-ON (green wire). During such operation should be cautious, as huge the maximum output current of ATX power supply, short circuit wrong wiring may damage the power supply, burns and even fire.

The ATX power supplies, the store Botland

In our assortment you will find a great power supply ATX company Akyga model Akyga Basic 400 V and 500 V. This provides the first output power is about 23 A (+3.3 V) and 25 A (+5 V) and the second, respectively, 30 A (+3.3 V) and 34 (+5 V). Devices have built-in protection against overvoltage, short circuit and overload, and electromagnetic compatibility, provide passive PFC (PFC). Circuit breakers are built into the back panel, near the AC outlet (standard IEC).