Are there fans of gadgets and interesting technological novelties here? Do you like accessories that make your everyday life easier and useful for the activities you do every day? Or maybe you would like to give a little surprise to a programmer, robot or DIY enthusiast? In Botland shop you will find only electronic devices, components for building advanced electronic systems or development boards, but also gadgets and accessories. They are especially loved by fans of innovation and advanced technologies. In addition, many companies use them in promotional and marketing campaigns to encourage the use of their offer or thank for the trust of regular customers. There is a wide range of possibilities to use them. Check what proposals we have prepared for you, your loved ones, employees and customers. You will find universal key rings, practical cups, but also mouse pads and car holders. They are kept in a fashionable design, reflecting visually the virtual reality.

Products by page

Products by page

Multi-purpose, practical gadgets

Are you a fan of gadgets and accessories that have practical applications? Do you like gifts that have a specific purpose and are not just promotional marketing accessories? Then bet on proven solutions, which have a special place in our offer. What is well known to everyone and liked by many, i.e. mugs, constitute a very large product group in the field of advertising and promotional gadgets. A mug is something that everyone will certainly use. It is useful at home, at work, and even during holidays and business trips. Each of us has a favourite. In the offer of Botland shop you will find mugs, referring to robotics, electronics and programming. You will find, among others, a mug with the forum logo. It is a portal known to all fans of advanced technology, so they will certainly enjoy such a nice gift. Cups have a standard capacity, they will be perfect for coffee, tea and drink.

If not a mug, maybe a cap opener. This is another gadget of practical use, which will particularly appeal to the gentlemen. It is in the form of a key ring that can be attached to keys or a pants belt. Especially on a desk at work, a cup holder will be useful. It is not only a decoration of the workplace, but also a gadget that prevents the mug from moving and flooding the desk. A phone pad, a car holder for your smartphone and a smartband will also be a good choice for the pragmatic gadget.

Gadgets for the players

Games are very popular not only among children and teenagers. They are also popular among adults, who like to beat the next level or gain additional points in the arcade game. To make the game even more interesting and fascinating, we can supplement it with additional controllers. So we recommend gaming accessories for players, which will broaden your possibilities. Noteworthy is the set of controllers, allowing you to control projects and games using things connected to the controllers. We can connect vegetables to them and the device will react to touch like a button on a controller.

Besides controllers there are other interesting solutions in our shop for those who appreciate the huge possibilities of entertainment with the use of advanced technology. These include WiFi signal amplifiers, which provide a stable connection of many devices. For those looking for a strong experience we recommend multimedia glasses, while for those who are active, smartbands with activity monitoring. Thanks to such a watch you will be able to control your training progress, at any time you will be able to check your heart rate as well as verify how your sleep goes.

Take a look at our gallery of creative ideas, where you will find practical gadgets for employees, customers and friends. There are also game add-ons that extend gaming possibilities and electronic accessories that allow us to control many parameters, also related to our physical activity.