Electric longboards

Durable, lightweight skateboard plate made from composite wood. Be controlled via remote control, the app or the balance of the body.

Electric skateboards not only for young people

The older group of clients will definitely remember a film that was called “Back to the future”. Many of us, he began the line of modern technology – especially if you remember samowiążące boots and flying skateboards that everyone wanted to have! Currently on the market, we will find a assortment that can bring us closer to the products have seen the movie and, although it's not as advanced, it will definitely bring great pleasure to everyone – not just young people, which from the beginning fell in love with this product. This, of course, about the electric skateboards, are able nowadays to perform some truly impressive speed, and often become a normal means of transportation in large cities.

Distance, time and speed are the main parameters

The first skateboards that we could meet at electronics stores, they are able to accelerate only to a few kilometers per hour, today in our range you can find models which develop a speed of about 40 km/h – although this also depends on the weight of the user and quality of the road. Most modern products in this category is a guarantee of hitting a distance of up to 25-30 km, which is a useful result for the most demanding customers.

Models of electric skateboards: